Written by Jonthan Tsuei and with art by Eric Canete, RUNLOVEKILL — which debuted last month — is a refreshing, futuristic, cyber-punk tale with art and elements that I would dare to compare to Aeon Flux. Issue #2 hits comic shops everywhere next week. Before it comes out, though, we’re going to take a look back at RUNLOVEKILL #1, which builds tension very well and leaves you on the edge of your seat.

Rain is the story’s protagonist. She is smart, independent, and altruistic.


She lives in a futuristic and technologically advanced walled city, but she is fighting, kicking, and screaming to get out and has acquired some pretty shady means to do so. This is where the reader finds that there is more to Rain than first thought. She has a secret. The reader doesn’t know why she is so desperate to get out of this walled city, but this is what is alluring about that story and her character. Rain is a mysterious woman, but by the end of the first issue, you’ll want to know more about her.

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Writer Jonathan Tsuei has written a superb introduction into the cyberpunk universe he has  created. He gives the book a dark shroud of mystery by giving the audience just only what they need to know. It doesn’t feel like information overload or feel rushed. I enjoy reading stories that include female protagonists, especially in an action sci-fi setting, so I applaud Tsuei for taking the risk to create this narrative. The comic book world needs writers like Jonathan Tsuei to take these types of risk.

Artist Eric Canete creates beautiful work by bringing the futuristic world of RUNLOVEKILL to life.

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Canete’s artwork is imperfect perfection as he sets the tone for what the reader sees. The dark, seedy, yet detailed work really shows what the world looks like through Rain’s eyes. I want to point out that the art work reminded me of Aeon Flux. I don’t know if that is what Eric was going for specifically, but it definitely made me feel a sense of nostalgia.

Overall, I think RUNLOVEKILL is a great start to a comic series that has an ingenious story coupled with fantastic art. I believe this has the makings of a long-lasting hit.

The first issue of RUNLOVEKILL — published by Image comics — is out in stores now. The second hits shelves next week, so get your copy as soon as possible!

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