Trailer for ‘The Fall of the House of Usher’ Announces October Release

Flanagan-Fans (Flana-fans?) Assemble! The master of horror behind The Haunting of Hill House, The Haunting of Bly Manor, Midnight Mass, and Doctor Sleep is back! And this time, he’s bringing us a tale of Poe (Get it? Because it sounds like “woe”… Nevermind).

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Chilling Trailer for ‘Midnight Mass’ Asks You “Why?”

Mike Flanagan may not be a household name right now. But he’s definitely my favorite name in horror today. Whether you know his name or not, you should know, he doesn’t miss. Every single one of his projects, from Hush to Doctor Sleep, to Haunting of Hll House and the underrated Haunting of Bly Manor, has been fantastic to me.

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Why Can’t the Next Bond be #AsianBond?

Yesterday, the movie world was shocked (not really) to learn Daniel Craig had turned down a small fortune to return to the big screen as James Bond, leaving a 007-sized hole for the franchise. Of course, the most obvious successor to the Aston Martin is Idris Elba, preferably in a Christopher Nolan-directed 007. Unfortunately, he’s “too street” to be considered, whatever that means. (We know what that means). So why not give an Asian actor a license to kill? Thus, #AsianBond was born on twitter. It’s not like there isn’t a plethora of Asian Brits who could take the role. In fact, I came up with nine. The only caveat is that they all hail from the UK, so sorry John Cho.

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NOC Recaps iZombie: Dying Under the Influence

Trait of the Week: Journalism and alcoholism.

This week’s iZombie case of the week was a bit more important to hold onto because it had reveals and ramifications for the story at large. Poor Liv is still reeling from Lowell’s death. When she gets the chance to eat a victim who’s prone to drinking her weight in booze, she takes it up, but the case she catches and Major’s post-Candyman episode threaten to suffocate her.

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NOC Recaps iZombie: In the Line of Fire

Trait of the Week: Super Sniper Skills, PTSD

iZombie’s best strength is definitely its characters. While packaged in a procedural format, this week I once again found myself glazing over at the case o’ the week — despite our visit from Veronica Mars alum Percy Daggs III (WALLACE!). But we were treated to a surprise twist at the end of the episode that highlights the show’s strength in its characters. In “Patriot Brains,” Liv confronts Lowell about Blaine, Ravi learns whether or not he is doomed to zombie-ism, and Major convinces everyone not on Team Z that he is having a psychotic break.

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NOC Recaps iZombie: Shock Jock

Trait of the Week: Straight talk relationship advice, with a hostile edge

In our eighth episode of iZombie, Liv thinks about sex. A lot. She has it, she listens to a morning sex talk show, and she dispenses advice on it. But those three things may only last for so long.

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NOC Recaps iZombie: Baby Mama Brain Drama

Trait of the Week: Maternal tendencies

This week on iZombie, Liv eats the brains of a young pregnant woman who was a bit Gone Girl‘d before giving birth and dying. Lov then fusses over her friends and family, while contemplating the fact that as a zombie, she can’t have children.

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NOC Recaps iZombie: What About the Zombies of Color?

Alternatively titled: If you’re a zombie, how come you’re not white?

You: Gosh, Connie, you can’t just ask why people aren’t white1!

In this week’s iZombie, “Flight of the Living Dead,” Liv eats the brains of a former sorority sister, Major continues to look for Jerome and Eddie, Ravi is still my favorite character, and a new zombie love interest enters Liv’s life with the hottest hot sauce around. Then we’ll get into the question of the week: Why don’t Zombies of Color have obvious zombie markers like the Caucasian characters do?

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NOC Recaps iZombie: Where Veronica Mars Meets Chuck Meets Pushing Daisies

NOC is recapping iZombie! Here’s a bit of background on the show before we dive in to this week’s episode.

iZombie is The CW’s newest series. Based on the DC/Vertigo comic book of the same name, it tells the story of Olivia Moore (she goes by Liv. Liv Moore), a former heart surgeon, who went to a boat party that went badly. The boat was attacked by some dudes on an experimental drug, and she was swiped in the arm on the way over the side of the boat. She wakes up with white hair and an intense craving for BRAAAINNS.

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