NOC Recaps iZombie: In the Line of Fire

Trait of the Week: Super Sniper Skills, PTSD

iZombie’s best strength is definitely its characters. While packaged in a procedural format, this week I once again found myself glazing over at the case o’ the week — despite our visit from Veronica Mars alum Percy Daggs III (WALLACE!). But we were treated to a surprise twist at the end of the episode that highlights the show’s strength in its characters. In “Patriot Brains,” Liv confronts Lowell about Blaine, Ravi learns whether or not he is doomed to zombie-ism, and Major convinces everyone not on Team Z that he is having a psychotic break.

Case of the Week

Everett Williams was found dead on a paintball course, having been shot from a seemingly impossible angle. He left behind an ex-wife, a kid, the wife’s new husband (played by Percy Daggs), and Liv also inherited his PTSD and super sniper skills. Sean was prevented from taking a big promotion at his job in another state because Everett refused to let them leave with his kid. So Sean killed him (Veronica would be so disappointed Wallace! And she would have found you out!) using drone technology. He heads to jail, leaving Everett’s poor daughter with zero fathers.

The Stuff We Care About

In the milliseconds since the end of the last episode, Liv is still wrestling with the discovery that Lowell is on Blaine’s “Zombie Meals on Wheels” program. She heads in to work (where Ravi has yet to transform into a brain eating blob) and rages about Lowell’s involvement with Blaine. Ravi tries to make her see reason, what would she do if she didn’t have her job at the morgue? Wouldn’t she look the other way about the brains? And maybe Lowell never saw their deaths — they’re usually triggered by similar actions or faces. Liv remains indignant for a while.

When Liv first confronts Lowell, she’s angry and refuses to see reason, even after he claims that he loves her. “Well that’s going to be a problem.”

After Liv calms down a bit, Lowell comes over and he is clearly stricken by the loss of his blissful ignorance. He shows her a freshly dug brain that he went after in a show of good effort, but the act depressed him even more. Liv claims that enough is enough.

“Blaine has to die. I’m gonna kill him.”

Of course she is souped up on sniper brain, but Lowell does have an in with Blaine…

So they set up a meet and Blaine arrives. Liv’s doctor brain takes over sniper brain (I suppose she’s digested by now) and she can’t take the life, even for the benefit of all. Lowell realizes she can’t do it and he “nuts up.”

“I’m not the kind of man that runs in the line of fire, but that’s the kind of man you deserve, so I’ll do my best.”


Lowell attacks Blaine, but Blaine is too quick on the draw. He immediately shoots Lowell while Liv watches from her distant rooftop. Just when we’re getting to know him! Of course, it’s not surprising considering Major/Liv is probably the end game ship, but I thought he’d last a little longer. At least he wasn’t secretly evil, I think Liv could handle his death more than him being on Blaine’s payroll.

In Ravi-news, HE’S NOT A ZOMBIE! He claims that zombie-ism cannot cross species. This is nice, but… why do we need to know this now? It was introduced and then immediately dismissed, so I think it’s something we need to keep an eye on for the next few episodes (otherwise, there was kind of no point in worrying us like that! See my Arrow recaps for my ire in stunt moves that shock us and then have no substantial bearings on what follows).

Ravi continues to be the best:

  • “Something’s rotten in Denmark. Denmark being Seattle’s police department.”
  • “Dr. C, mind if I take your assistant on a field trip?” “I’d sign her permission slip, but my hands are covered in viscera.”

Major Breaks

Major is CONSTANTLY getting himself into trouble! His face hasn’t been scar-free in the last, like, five episodes! He goes around asking about “eating brains” for their pituitary glands — because that’s what he thinks the Candyman was doing with a brain in his car. When the Candyman gets word, he heads to Major’s and attacks him. Major (who learned how to use a gun OFF OF YOUTUBE) shoots him and Candy appears to die (not before flashing FoZM red-eyes at him). When Major goes to Clive for help, the body is gone and the only evidence is a smashed mirror and a lone shell casing. Clive thinks Major’s gone nuts and he’s slowly beginning to believe it himself…

The parallel of Major taking the shot against The Candyman, while Liv couldn’t shoot Blaine was a nice parallel. And it exemplifies their characters really well: Major being the take charge one, while Liv is more planned and compassionate, even against people she hates. Also, as I said earlier, think he sniper brain had begun to digest, giving her a clearer head.


Blaine is approached by a wealthy client of is who is displeased with the selection of brains (and attached memories) that he’s been receiving. Because he used to be an aspiring astronaut and no longer can, the client wants Blaine to provide him the brains of a famous — living — astronaut, who’s walked on the moon. Blaine is hesitant, but the point is made: when has them being still alive stopped him before?

I like that Blaine is a villain but he’s not perfect and he gets in over his head too. His clients take him for a loop and he has to readjust and compensate. It makes him more than just a regular villain doing it for the evils. I mean, he is, but he’s not always good at it. I think that makes him a bit more relatable and sympathetic.

Brain Teasers

  • “No marked change in appearance” and how would you cover up your zombieness, Ravi? Tan back to brown? I will not stop asking about this until I get some more answers…
  • “You’re freaky looking. Why are you so white?” One day the show is going to go straight for the Mean Girls reference that I’ve already made. One day. They’re too witty and pop culture savvy not too!
  • People from Veronica Mars I’d love to see on iZombie: The whole cast. Two down, everyone else to go.
  • Re zombie-ism not crossing species: Liv: “When was that even a question?” “Next time, worry me! We’re in this together. I’ve got your six, Ravi!” And suddenly I understand RaviOli fans, even if I don’t currently ship it. I definitely ship their friendship and love their sort of immediate loyalty and platonic love for one another. I can’t wait to see it grow (even if not in a shipper way).
  • Are we gonna see Ravi and Peyton’s date, I wonder? I suppose this is the very next day, so not a lot of time yet. Must be coming up.