You Come For The King, You Best Not Miss

This I had to share. Sorry/Not Sorry.

So after writing the piece on why the Black Panther is Marvel’s Answer to Batman, a racist troll decided to ice-skate uphill on social media:

How Wakandans Get Down

Racist White Fanboy: No Denny your article is wrong. Moon Knight is Marvel’s answer to Batman, not Black Panther.

Denny: We’ll have to agree to disagree.

Racist White Fanboy: You’re only claiming Black Panther because you’re both black.

Denny: And I guess you’re only claiming Moon Knight because you both wear white hoods?


And this was the result:





10 thoughts on “You Come For The King, You Best Not Miss

  1. I wonder. Did Racist White Fanboy ever make a good argument FOR Moon Knight? Did he at any time point out any flaws is your argument? Did he at any time not drag the conversation into the racist gutter? I’m guessing the answers to those questions is no.

  2. As we already know Racist White Fanboy is wrong, I’d like to pount out that Moon Knight is, in fact, Marvel’s answer to The Shadow.

    Both were soldiers of fortune who died, got better, then came to NYC in the guise of a millionaire with a different name. (Lamont Cranston & Steven Grant)

    Both utilized “agents” to gather information and assist in their crusade.

    Both traveled around NYC in cabs.

    Both used experimental aircraft with hovering capabilities. (Autogyro and Moon Copter)

    Female companions with similar names (Margo Lane & Marlene Alraune)

    Both utilzed multiple personas on a regular basis. (Kent Allard – Mark Spetor, Lamont Cranston- Steven Grant, The Shadow – Moon Knight, Fritz – Jake Lockley, & Henry Arnaud – Yitzak Topol)

    So there’s that.

  3. All three characters were created by white people. The loser? Black people who are at the mercy of constantly waiting on white people for giving y’all a little something here or there. Thank you Massa Jack Kirby and Massa Stan Lee. Whatchu gon’ create fo’ us next? Oh, no, Boss. That creatin’ fo’ m’se’f…I, I, I leaves that ups to you.

  4. They are both analogues of Batman. In fact, DD is one was well. Marvel has around5 analogues of Supes as well.

  5. Marvel’s answer to Batman is Nighthawk. Batman is Nowhere near the level of Panther.

  6. Within the Marvel U, I’d say T’Challa is like a good/heroic analogue/mirror of Doctor Doom.

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