Racebending’s Super Asian America Comic-Con Panel

A week ago, I recounted my 48-hour adventure in San Diego. The main reason I was able to return to Comic-Con was an invitation to participate in what was, arguably, the hottest panel not in Hall H. Our friends at Racebending put together a star-studded line up of Asian American comic creators and actors that packed Room 29 of the convention center — bringing some of them to tears — and apparently turned away hundreds of attendees from getting in! Fortunately, the entire panel was caught on video, so if you couldn’t get in, or want to relive the experience, check it out after the jump!

[UPDATE: Those awesome kids at Racebending have not only uploaded the panel video, but they transcribed the whole thing too!]

Moderated by the brilliant Dariane Nabor, the video captures the entire panel from beginning to end. Props to the folks at Racebending — particularly Dariane, Michael, Marissa, and Ken — for putting this whole thing together. Let’s do it again next year!

For a gallery of some great images from the panel, check out Sunpech Photography. There are even more on the Facebook page.

2 thoughts on “Racebending’s Super Asian America Comic-Con Panel

  1. Which market are you referring to? Just within the U.S.A? Drama shows? Comedy? Kids shows? Science fiction shows?

  2. That was a great panel. Hollywood’s practice that forces actors to change their stage names has got to change. For a long time actors with Eastern European names also had to use more Western sounding names to get noticed but that’s changing slowly. Asian-American artists shouldn’t have to conform to Hollywood’s narrow view either.

    I wish Sumalee got more recognition for her work in for Dragon Age: Inquisition.

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