Thankful for the Captain America: Civil War Trailer

Last night on a special all-Marvel edition of Jimmy Kimmel Live (corporate synergy, yay!), stars Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. were on to hype next summer’s Captain America: Civil War. Unsurprisingly, Disney and Marvel Studios used the opportunity to unveil the hotly anticipated first trailer, and predictably, the internet lost its shit. But in a good way!

For two minutes and twenty-six seconds, all was right with the world. The trailer is so perfect, it’s actually hard to single out the best moments from the trailer, but I’ll do my best.

Resolution to the post-credits sequence in Ant-Man

The trailer picks up immediately where Ant-Man left off. Namely, in an abandoned boiler room with a tied up Winter Soldier. While the post-credits sequence left Bucky’s situation ambiguous, the trailer shows us that Cap’s best pal is back and is, surprisingly, the catalyst for the Civil War between the Avengers.

The return of Incredible Hulk continuity

William Hurt returns as General Thunderbolt Ross, and while this isn’t the biggest deal in the context of all the other awesome sauce in the trailer, it’s still kind of nice to see the forgotten MCU movie get some love once again. Wonder if there are plans to have Liv Tyler’s Betty Ross show up and confront Black Widow over trying to take her man in Age of Ultron?

More shine for the Falcon. Hopefully.

Sam Wilson was one of the best things about The Winter Soldier, and looks to be back front-and-center after getting sidelined in Ultron and clowned in Ant-Man. Let’s hope Anthony Mackie gets more to do this time around.

Heroes Taking Sides

It looks like Team Cap is mostly the new Avengers roster from the end of Ultron plus Bucky. We don’t know Widow’s or Vision’s or Ant-Man’s alliances just yet. Tony, on the other hand, has War Machine on his side. Oh also…

Black Panther!

I mean. Damn.

Sorry DC/WB.

When it comes to iconic, multi-billion-dollar IPs duking it out on a giant IMAX movie screen, make mine Marvel! I know we’re supposed to be happy that we’re living in an abundance of riches when it comes to superhero movies, but until Batman v Superman proves otherwise, we’re still living in a Marvel Studio’s world.

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