What a Shitty Week to be an Asian American Woman in Hollywood

It may feel like beating a dead horse, but I have some thoughts to share about the last seven days in Hollywood. It all started with the debut of the Doctor Strange trailer and our first look at Tilda Swinton’s Ancient One. That was quickly followed up with Paramount offering a sneak peek at Scarlett Johansson’s Major Motoko Kusanagi. (Even today, Lionsgate unveiled Elizabeth Banks as Power Ranger villain Rita Repulsa). Late last week, I posted the above photo on twitter as a joke about a Joy Luck Club remake.

The fact that so many people assumed this was real is both hilarious and depressing. Considering Hollywood’s track record, though, I wouldn’t be surprised if such a casting decision actually happened. And that’s where we are. Today. In 2016.

Screenwriter Max Landis tried to whitesplain whitewashing on YouTube, and was appropriately dragged by #OscarsSoWhite creator April Reign in a series of tweets that I like to dub “Screenwriter Refuted.”

Landis’ point is that critics were misplacing their anger at ScarJo and were ignorant about the inner workings of Hollywood. Basically, it was a return to the tired, old argument that green is the only color Hollywood sees, and if we wanted to do away with whitewashing, then we need to create more movie stars who are also people of color. Because right now, there apparently are no movie stars of color who can guarantee financial success.

Yadda. Yadda. Yadda.

That notion was bullshit when Aaron Sorkin and Ridley Scott claimed it, and it’s bullshit now. Stars like The Rock, Will Smith, Keanu Reeves, and Vin Diesel have generated billions at the box office. Hell, even no-names like John Cho and Kal Penn were able to triple the $40 million production budget of all three Harold and Kumar films in box office and home media sales. Lucy Liu’s combined films have garnered nearly $1 billion in box office.

That’s beside the point. When people like Landis and Sorkin claim that there no reliable Asian movie stars who can open a movie, they don’t realize they are fulfilling their own prophecies when they create projects that don’t star Asian actors (or any people of color, really). Meanwhile, white actors get to frontline blockbuster movies time and again without having to prove any box office clout. Who was Chris Hemsworth before (or after) Thor? Who is Garret Hedlund? Who is Charlie Hunnam? Why are they always in movies?

Seriously. Which dude was in Pacific Rim and which one was in Tron Uprising?

If you keep giving movie roles to white people, even when those movies fail, then how do you justify the absurd notion that people of color in lead roles are a risky financial gamble? How is it possible that the Fast and Furious franchise has grossed $4 billion worldwide with nary any white people in the cast?

It’s because people in Hollywood will ignore the proof in front of them. The industry is racist and will do whatever it takes to prop up whiteness even when no one wants it. I appreciate that people are saying we should boycott Strange and Ghost when they come out, but I doubt that will make a difference. Tell me, when was the last time a whitewashed film was a box office success anyway? Exactly.

Instead, we need to keep calling out the industry for being complicit. We also need to give credit where due and celebrate the successes of folks like Ava DuVernay, Justin Lin, Ryan Coogler, and others who are actually trying to change the industry from within.

Meanwhile, we’ll be over here keeping a tally of every time Hollywood fucks up. If you need the receipts, follow this thread on twitter. They’re all there.

119 thoughts on “What a Shitty Week to be an Asian American Woman in Hollywood

  1. The whitewashing of history in general is disgusting. I’m so glad that the all-white movie about Egypt completely bombed – as it should have. And I still have qualms that the Last Samurai was Tom Cruise.

    Our world is such a beautiful and diverse place – movies, series, books, advertising – everything should reflect this. When I look around, I don’t see all white faces. I don’t see all black faces. I don’t see all
    Asian or Hispanic faces. I just see people.

    It’s our diversity that makes this world interesting. And I wish filmmakers and authors and everyone else would show it.

    1. Um, not to go away from the OT, but the Last Samurai was about a white dude who learned the code of the samurai. That’s why a white dude played it.

      1. The Last Samurai was an Orientalist fantasy that rewrote an historical war-mongering reactionary ultranationalist racist (essentially, think of every militia/KKK/”patriot” stereotype – who wants to build a wall along the Mexican border and bomb Islam into submission – and then make him Japanese) into a yellow-fever wet dream.

        That said – Tom Cruise is not the titular Last Samurai. “Katsumoto” (played by Ken Watanabe) is the “last samurai.”

      2. And it was still typical Hollywod Bullshit where a white man comes in, assimilates into the culture and saves the day…

      3. Um I’m not sure what movie you guys watched but of pretty much all the movies mentioned, Last Samurai was the LEAST whitewashed movie. Of the entire “main” cast, which were the samurai, Tom, the Japanese nation, and that military guy, there were only TWO white guys. As mentioned, the Last Samurai was not Tom Cruise. It was Katsumoto. Hell, samurai is plural so it could’ve been the whole clan. Yes his character did assimilate into their culture but his character did the same with the American Indians. Hence his drinking problem and nightmares. His character and his character’s journey in the story was to illustrate how Americans treated and thought non-white races during that time and how in actuality they were completely wrong. If anything, it shows white America as bad people. The main villain is the villain because he’s seeking to “Westernize” Japan. In the end, all the samurai die as Tom’s character plays dead. How you count that as Tom Cruise saving the day is beyond me. Maybe you could count him helping the Emperor realize that the western way was the wrong way by giving him Katsumoto’s sword as saving the day, but then you’d discredit the samurai sacrificing themselves for their beliefs and its effect that it might’ve had on the Emperor.

        For the record, there are numerous examples of white washing in Hollywood. In my opinion, this is not one of them.

      4. Although I understood that was the concept, it still irritated me (but that was because Hollywood had done things similar to it too many times). Stupid Hollywood, getting me all riled up (lol)

      5. The Last Samurai was like a bait and switch, with that Hollywood marketing many were led to believe that the Last Samurai was indeed Tom Cruise—of all people. (Strains of “Shogun” and Richard Chamberlain, anyone?)

    2. Yaaas this! But above all else, I’d love it if they kept in mind that PoC like to see themselves onscreen too. We like to watch ourselves have adventures, romances, and save the universe too. Why is adventure only the province of straight white men?

    3. “When I look around, I don’t see all white faces. I don’t see all black faces. I don’t see all Asian or Hispanic faces. I just see people.”

      That’s exactly the way I feel, but am reminded every day that I am just one in a million who share that perspective.

      Whitewashing cannot be blamed on whites alone. The Asians, especially the Japanese, promote whitewashing. It’s in the media, commercials, people they allow on their programs, plastic surgeries etc. I call this simple mindedness. The Japanese are used to conforming to the whims and fantasy of others so no surprise there. Still, there is a group of whites, in Japan especially, who is working in the background and pushing this agenda.

      You can’t wrong Hollywood entirely. As mentioned by the OP they only see green, and a lot of people with the green are whitewashed Asians. Somehow I want to laugh because it is the whitewashed Asians who are indirectly discriminating against their own people in Hollywood by promoting whitewashing.

      1. That is so sad but true. I work with a Korean lady who told me that she is discriminated against in her country because her skin is too dark – and trust me when I say she is not dark. Unfortunately, we (as a planet) seem to promote the concept that light is associated with good and dark with bad. I hope that one day we can all get away from this.

      2. Very true. There’s a sort of brainwashing/whitewashing phenomenon going on in Asia. I pray for the day when they will learn to accept themselves and thus accept others. Guess that’s a great fete for the simple minded. “How to stop self hate,” should be a topic explored more.

      3. WTF? You said: “The Japanese are used to conforming to the whims and fantasy of others so no surprise there.”

        Some Asians whether they are Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Cambodian, Vietnamese, Thai, Filipino, etc.) get eye lid surgery (like Julie Chen [who is not Japanese]), because of racism. The rationale behind it is that with a more Western-looking eye, I can be more successful in the news and/or entertainment business and in Ms. Chen’s case it certainly worked, thus confirming the racist practices in the industry.

      4. It should be whims and fancy. I can only speak of Japan, because I live there and is confronted with this feeble-mindedness everyday.

        No one should have to physically change themselves in order to be accepted. If these Asian women had had the guts to stand up and demand to be accepted as they are, eventually they would have gotten any role they chose. But look at what’s happening now. The people they are trying to look like are making billions off their shallowness and simple-mindedness.

      5. I’m calling bull. No way are you so evolved that you don’t notice people’s features because that is what you are saying when you say that you don’t see race, ethnicity or color. I guess you also don’t notice when someone is tall or shirt or slim or thick or a woman or a man. Not letting it cloud how you feel is one thing. Pretending that you’re blind is another.

      6. Ahhhh…it baffles you. You are arguing from a literal perspective.

        Yes, you are aware of the people, but it doesn’t affect how you relate to them. I wouldn’t say I’m not going to the movies, because everyone there will be green and only me blue. Someone’s stature, skin color, features will not be something I look at and decide how I treat them. They are first and foremost people, so I relate to them as people who basically feel the same emotions I do.

        Hope you understand.

  2. i dont know any of those people except hemsworth who cant act just more proof of white men in power keeping themselves in the front. and that is what max is saying. its not the actors, they need jobs. are you going to turn down a role/money when you got a husband and child to take care of not to mention yourself? its the STUDIOS plain and simple. the studios are the ones doing the casting, picking the directors/scripts and greenlighting films. THAT is what we need to focus our energy on. we also need to stop paying for these movies cause you know what hollywood is seeing? MONEY AND MONEY ONLY. yes we are living in the world of social media but it isnt the end all be all. if everyone says a film sucks (iron man 3) yet it makes a billion dollars what do you think the studio behind it thinks? its not everyone but a vocal minority. but if none of us see it and diss it? thats when change will come. i wont be spending my money on any of these (watching for free is a whole nother story, i cannot lie) but i will show with my actions, words and dollars that this bs will not stand and needs to stop.

    1. I’m not entirely sure that boycotting the films would work either. When a film like Pan flops , Hollywood does everything in its power to not to acknowledge that the reason it failed was because Of whitewashing. I think in their universe that’s not even a word that exists.

      And then you have truly bad movies, that actually are pretty diverse, that fail (Catwoman), and when they do, Hollywood just says, “Well, women and/or PoC, don’t bring in the money, so let’s not make anymore of those.”

      1. I think the key is to support good theatre that provides strong roles for Asian American men and women and other minorities. Theatre is the foundation upon which people from different ethnic groups quite often launch their careers. Irish theatre, African American theatre — they’re a vital part of the humus that nurtures writers and actors. You don’t like it? Then change it. Put your time and money into it. If attendance is big, investors will come calling. Be the change. Aloha.

      2. I know that people would like to believe that when a film that has been accused of whitewashing fails at the box office, it is because of the whitewashing, but is there any actual evidence that this is the case?

        It’s easy for people to come up with a handful of anecdotes to support their pet thesis, but this is not the same as actual data.

        There is some research that suggests that having a relatively diverse cast is correlated to higher global box-office returns, but whitewashing accusations tend to focus on one role that people feel should have been cast differently, not the diversity of the cast as a whole. (Ghost in the Shell is a case in point, where 7 of the 11 actors named in the Paramount press release are actually non-white, but everybody focused on the casting of ScarJo).

    2. Just to clue you in, Charlie Hunnam has been a very, very successful TV actor for quite awhile. He got his big break on the original Queer as Folk and did some other stuff but is mostly known as the main character of Sons of Anarchy.

      1. But the point still stands, as he got that “big break” in the first place, which enabled him to aspire to box office leading man stuff, and actually get it.

    3. Honestly, I always dug Garret Hedlund after I saw him in TRON:LEGACY as Sam. He’s got this cool quality to him. Can’t say he gets a total pass, but I like him, but what’s he playing in? I was not clear on that. Good point about Fast & Furious but many people think Vin Diesel is white and IDK he might be, have you seen his bio Bro? And, F & F featured the late Paul Walker in every movie.

      1. The point was that other than Paul Walker, the cast was made up of POC and it did very well at the box office. And Vin is half black and therefore considered a POC.

    4. This is a very nuanced subject matter with many factors but the driving force behind why Hollywood casts white people in movies is a little thing called foreign pre-sales. The foreign market, including Asia, would rather see white people in American movies… Or at least certain white people. I work in the industry and I’ve heard this conversation come up time and time again. Of course, we have trained them to want to see white people. But if you want to film to sell overseas, very often you need to show a few of those white shiny faces so that they’ll play and sell in other regions aside from the US. As a film buff, I hope this changes because I’m sick and tired of seeing white people Cast as Asian. Not only is it egregiously offensive but it’s also just inaccurate cinematic representation of a character. It’s a sticky world out there brothers and sisters…

      1. How do you know the Japanese would “prefer” to see white people in American movies? That is one of the most racist statements I have ever heard. I know Caucasian actors can be big hits in terms of marketing American products but why is that practice ratified? Because unless it’s sports or music, whites usually prevail as to Hollywood casting choices even when the character from the source material is clearly Asian. Aloha!

  3. As a mature white woman, I’d love to see more POC in movies and TV. They are much more attractive than most whites, imho. ( Except for Chris Hemsworth, who makes my teeth sweat) But please, Keith Chow, make your point without the low-class profanity. Aim higher, aspire higher.

    1. Even though it was a re-telling of the Japanese anime “Evangelion, ” yet not cast totally Asian, one thing I liked about Pacific Rim other than Rinko getting the role of Mako Mori was the fact Idris Elba played Stacker Pentecost, a commanding role, and he had a protective and fatherly relationship with Rinko’s character, yet he was not paternalistic.

      1. With a name like Keanu? He looked more Asian when he was 50 pounds slimmer.

    1. Keanu, doesn’t even look like a straight up white dude, Bro! And, the first name would be a clue.

    1. You must not have watched Landis’ video. He flat out says that star-power in terms of who can get a movie made is NOT determined by data or reason.

    2. Thanks for posting this link, it was an interesting read.

      One thing that struck me is that the box office data is based on global box office takings. Films are often financed by pre-selling the overseas distribution rights. That means that if a film is a hit overseas but a flop domestically, then based on the global gross it may look like a success but the studios still lose money. It would be interesting if the same positive correlation also exists between domestic grosses and cast diversity.

  4. Yes Yes Yes Yes. I didn’t even know they were doing “Ghost In The Shell”, and when I saw that shot of Scarlett Johanssen I was horrified. I mean, jaw / floor. quite apart from anything else, including conscious or unconscious racism, it’s just so bloody inauthentic. It’s plain rude! And, by the way, it’s pathetically patronising to your audience. Do you think people are so stupid that they won’t go watch a movie from an Asian story that has Asian main characters? Are you so insulting as to just make that assumption, without even giving it a go? HOLY COW.

    Me, I’m a white person. I want to see a hell of a lot less Logan’s Run sci-fi/fantasy on my screen and a lot more actual diversity. Like what I see when I go out of my door, and in the friendships I make.

    Please keep shouting. I personally will choose not to see these films. Grrr.

    1. The irony is that the kind of people who would be interested in Ghost on the Shell are the same types of geeks who are used to seeing Asian Action movies that have nary a white person in them. Fans of this type of movie are well used to watching movies with a non white cast. They didn’t need to even go that route and points not just to a fundamental misunderstanding of the nature of the film, but also the kind of audience they’re aiming these images at.

      1. People who are familiar with the story are actually NOT the audience the studios are aiming for. Whitewashing and big names are to draw in people who have no clue where it came from, only that someone they recognize is in it – they are the ones who spend the most on ticket sales – and that’s where the studio makes it’s money. Sucks, but that is the current reality – Hollywood caters to stupid rednecks.

      2. Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence, Oshii Mamoru’s follow-up film to the 1995 anime, got an international release and made just over $1m at the US box-office and less than $10m world wide.

        Arguably, there just isn’t a market for a “faithful” big-budget English language adaptation, which is why they try to broaden the appeal by casting people like Johannsen.

  5. Thanks for this article. I do not believe in casting based on race, or sometimes gender at all. My favorite casting choice right now is Idris Alba as Roland in the film version of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower. Roland was written as a white character and some people are PISSED that a black man is being cast. But he’s perfect for the role. I think there is simply too much institutional racism for us to this these roles that you spoke of are being cast because these white women are simply better for the role than an Asian woman. I think they are being cast because white is still preferred.

  6. ARE YOU F*C K I N G KIDDING, ME? They re-cast Joy Luck Club like Steel Magnolias? LOL! That’s as bad as ALOHA. And, look who’s in the remake, the ultimate EMMA STONED, herself, Emma Stone. Jeez. I will make sure not to see it. WHAT DOES AMY TAN HAVE TO SAY ABOUT THIS or is she just counting dollar signs?

    1. No, the article makes it clear that the picture is a joke. It is not actually the cast of The Joy Luck Club.

      1. Keith went satire, ok. That was not clear to me and I would not put it past any Hollywood production these days (Recall, Aloha?) I KNOW who played in the original Joy Luck Club and it was an all-Asian cast.

        The Joy Luck Club (One of my fave books and movies) gave VISIBILITY to Asian and Asian-American women (Chinese and Chinese-American, specifically.) Maybe, Hollywood sees fit to cast Caucasian females in roles designated by the source material as Asian because there is this notion that Asians are “the model minority” and that Asians are “Honorary Whites.” Hmm.
        I can posit this because my maternal grandfather was an Chinese immigrant who first landed in Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

  7. “Tell me, when was the last time a whitewashed film was a box office success anyway? Exactly.”

    Okay, while I totally get your point (most famously whitewashed movies that come to mind bombed), I kind of want to point out that The Hunger Games whitewashed Katniss and that entire franchise has made BANK (and continues to) on Jennifer Lawrence’s porcelain white face. Additionally, the Avengers: Age of Ultron whitewashed both Wanda and Pietro and made oodles of cash. So, you know. Unfortunately, Hollywood does benefit from whitewashing sometimes.

    1. Ummm. Avengers Age of Ultron did not whitewash Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver. Both characters are originally white in the comics and were cast with white actors in the film.

      1. They’re Magneto’s kids and they’ve always been white, haven’t they?

  8. And yet, and yet, and yet, when Caucasian roles are turned to black, Asian, Hispanic in a movie adaptation it is applauded up and down. Just admit it. You want your cake and to eat it too. Here’s a newsflash: the entertainment industry is extremely difficult for every actor. There is an absurd push in the past 3 years or so where breakdowns, the majority of the time, emphasize that they want any ethnicity but white for a role. It’s not 1995 anymore so stop arguing like it is and that you have no opportunities. Minority actors unfortunately have it in their heads that the extreme difficulty of their industry is due to their ethnicity. No. No it is not. It is hard, difficult, unfair, confusing, and frustrating for all actors. But of course if you’re told your lack of opportunity is because of your race, you are going to latch onto that. It’s understandable. But simply not true.

    1. You’re right. All these actors of color struggle in the industry for reasons completely unrelated to their race. Major franchises can’t be trusted to an unknown? It’s because you’re unknown! Not because you’re an actor of color. Oops, let’s ignore all the unknown white actors fronting major franchises.

      Sure. It’s got noooooothing to do with color. At all. Ever. We’re all just making it up. And those statistics that show that we’re not? Those are made up, too.

      Thanks for letting us know!

    2. White actors have been playing Asian actors for a century, and it’s not right, so now it’s time for role reversal.

      I am so SICK and TIRED of Hollywood’s BEST Asian roles still going to white actors in 2016. “Yellowface” put on by Caucasians is a bad look, Mary Pickford,John Wayne, Katharine Hepburn, Jennifer Jones, Gene Tierney, Anthony Quinn, Boris Karloff, Fred Astaire, Marlon Brando, Alec Guinness, Mickey Rooney, Joel Grey, Linda Hunt, Max von Sydow, Peter Sellers, David Carradine, Mike Myers , Jim Sturgess, Hugo Weaving, James D’arcy (Cloud Atlas), Emma Stone, Scarlett Johannson, Tilda Swinton. . .

      Putting actors in black wigs and using tape and millions of dollars of CGI to make their eyes look Asian is really disgusting when you have bona fide actors of Asian origin being passed up and some of these white actors ARE NOT above the line move stars so their casting does not justify Hollywood’s ethnic cleansing actions when it comes to such decisions.

  9. You forgot Kubu and the Two Strings. An animated film coming in August about a magical Japanese kid. George takei is the ONLY, top lead Asian actor voicing a character in this film. I just leave that there. I think Chris rock hosting the Oscars backfired. Racist hollywood is saying F all you ethnic actors!!

    1. Yes, I’m trying really hard not to see it as deliberate malignancy, but it’s hard to do that when Hollywood is getting the message loud and clear, even in its own publications like Variety and Hollywood Insider, and still hasn’t learned its lesson. That ists just wrong to do stuff like that. It’s either willful obtuseness or just plain thumb nosing.
      Maybe they think all this clamor for diversity is just a phase everyone is going through?

  10. This comment posted before I could finish it! What I meant to say is that I think this is a great post. It’s sad to see how Hollywood is so obviously racist and many people ignore it. There’s too much whitewashing.

  11. I also don’t like how the character Mindy Park was cast Caucasian in THE MARTIAN, when the writer of the source material, Andy Weir essentially said that Mindy was Korean and he basically thought it was understood from his book that Mindy is Korean.

    Somehow, Mindy Park ended up getting cast as a cute, cookie blonde in The Martian, the movie. Harumpf !!!!!!!

    How many “white” roles in Hollywood end up getting cast with Asian women? ANY BODY?

  12. Why is “The Joy Luck Club” getting remade in the first place? The original was already good.

  13. Loved this, thank you. Agree that we keep calling it out and it can at times feel like flogging a dead horse, but persistence will actualise change!

  14. Joy Luck Club is up there as one of my favorite immigrant movies along with the Godfather, Mi Familia because children of immigrants some at least are torn between the old ways and leading a more Americanized life.

  15. Remember Bend it Like Beckham with Parminder Nagra and The Namesake with Zuleikha Robinson ? Those were pretty good, too! Funny and serious at the same time.

  16. This really is sad, and it’s even worse when I see comments by Asian or Asian-Americans saying that they’re perfectly fine with it, and therefore this whole mess is fine because some Asians are okay with it. Not to mention the fact that some people literally say that ok it’s okay for ScarJo to play Makoto because she’s a cyborg that transcends race. When exactly did white become the thing that transcends race? It’s really sad because this could have been a great opportunity to cast some great Asian or Asian-American actors and naturally Hollywood fucked it up.

    1. > it’s even worse when I see comments by Asian or Asian-Americans saying that they’re perfectly fine with it,
      Who are you to tell people what to be offended about?

      > this could have been a great opportunity to cast some great Asian or Asian-American actors
      Hollywood makes Americanized remakes of foreign films and TV series all the time.
      Why should this one be treated differently just because it’s from an Asian country?
      Japanese people don’t care either way and Asian-Americans have no right to demand the role for themselves.

      There needs to be better representation of and more roles for Asian-Americans but that doesn’t give them the right to lay claim to all anime-adaptations. It’s stupid and patronizing.

      1. First of all, I’m not telling them that they should be offended. I’m saying that it’s wrong for them to tell others not to be offended because of the fact that they aren’t offended by it. Don’t put words in my mouth. Secondly, I never even said that Asian-Americans should lay claim to all anime-adaptations, if Hollywood were to make an adaptation of Attack on Titan, I wouldn’t expect there to be an all or even mostly Asian cast. That would only be Mikasa.

  17. Well it does not help when you see stars who feel pressured and start changing their faces instead of embracing their race! Kim Kardashian doesn’t look ethnic anymore, lil Kim is white now, the whole Jackson clan changed their noses! I am very excited to see Beyoncé promoting more black culture in her latest videos. It’s obvious that whiteness is being pushed on everyone but we have to maintain our individuality! There should be a solid organization that stands up to the media and says beauty is not what they are portraying or people are not represented by just this type! I don’t know who stands at the top of this monstrous pyramid acting like Caesar, but they need to be knocked off so everybody may have an opportunity to be who they truly are! It would be great to see a movie that lets a black man be strong and dominating in a movie! Unlike Star Wars! How about let’s have another lean on me where a black man goes into a situation and saves it! I’m tired of seeing movies that have a white person save the Hispanics or African Americans!! It’s such a demeaning industry from the start! How many classic movies have you seen with whites dressed like Asians, Latinas, African Americans?? Horrible! Some even won Oscars!! Like “The Good Earth” 1937, Mickey Rooney as an Asian in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Othello with Lawrence Olivia in black face, Al Pacino in Scarface, Christopher Lee in The Face of Fu Man Chu, Carleton Heston in face of evil, John Wayne in the Conquerer! Let’s not talk about the new movies like Johnny Depp as Tanto, Jake G. In Prince of Persia! The list goes on and on and on and on!! I don’t know why we tolerate it but we do! I mean West Side Story is so racist to me, or even Cleopatra with Elizabeth Taylor! I’m at the point in my life if it has an intolerable misrepresented cast I won’t pay to see it anymore! Thanks for letting me rant!

    1. I feel you. In the past it was okay because of ignorance, I think. If you wanted to watch movies you had little or no choice in the matter beyond not watching any of them, but we have choices today and I try to exercise my choice to watch or not watch things based on the quality and diversity of the cast. I will still watch things without a diverse cast but it has to be especially compelling to keep my attention. I won’t be seeing Dr. Strange or Ghost in the Shell, as giving those movies my money, only encourages Hollywood to keep doing what it’s doing.

      We are only just really starting to understand the relationship between representation and how PoC are treated and approached in the real world. This is PoC protesting to have a hand in our own imagery rather than relying on only white people to represent us in films and tv shows and getting it wrong. In some cases deliberately. This goes beyond whitewashing, to controlling how we are represented in media. Most media is owned, made by, for and about upper middle class white people, and they are the ones controlling everyone else’s representation in the media. People learn what they think they know about PoC through the media, and if PoC are NEVER accurately represented, or even represented at all, then that’s what people know about them.

  18. It cuts both ways. Django (Not the guitarist) was played by Franco Nero before Jamie Foxx took on the role. Blackwashing?
    Colonel Nick Fury of S.H.I.E.L.D. was a white guy with an eye patch in the comics, but now he is Samuel L. Jackson with an eye patch. More blackwashing?
    Lieutenant Uhura, USS Enterprise communications officer, once played by the beautiful Nichelle Nichols, is now portrayed by Zoe Saldana. Just as beautiful, not as black. Puerto Rican/Dominican/Lebanese washing?
    Try to make a good movie:

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