Oh Hail To The Hydra

So recently Marvel released Captain America: Steve Rogers. At the conclusion of the comic, Rogers reveals he’s a double agent and utters two magic words that would become the shots fired around the world:

This resulted in the tears of white fandom as they are outraged at the idea of such an iconic character possibly being evil.

This of course being unprecedented for Cap in comics.

Then these white fans claimed Marvel was promoting white supremacy and that’s just wrong.

Oh the irony.

White fandom suddenly cares about white supremacy.

That should’ve been your first clue that this latest episode of fan entitlement was some some BS that should be torched.

I meant the other BS… uh I guess same difference. Never mind.

Anyway this has been my reaction to the overflow of white tears and the hypocrisy.

Hail Hydra? Really? Really? Really? Really?

All of the bigotry in comics and this is what you’re “outraged” about.

Not Allan Goldman and his rape comments.

Not Micah Ian Wright aka David Duke Jr. aka Fauxcahontas and his racist tirade.

Not Jim Viscardi, Joe Blackmon, and Andrew Johnson who are being investigated for racial discrimination at Comicbook.com.

Where was all of this self righteous indignation when Tony Stark legalized racial profiling in the MCU and the 616?

Where was any of that outcry when he sodomized and murdered a gay teen?

Speaking of the gay, it should be noted that a #MakeCapGay hashtag launched the same week issue #1 was released. Needless to say white fandom isn’t talking abut making Sam Wilson gay. Beckies and their slash. If it’s not white, it’s not right.

It’s gotten quiet all of a sudden. In fact, the silence is deafening. And that’s exactly the point. This is white narcissism full stop.

You may identify with Steve Rogers: the blond haired, blue eyed ideal caucasian audience insert. It’s very similar to when white people envision themselves as abolitionists. But to paraphrase my beautiful and wise buddy Danielle Luettgen, that simply isn’t the case.

Most of you can’t even muster the courage to confront Uncle Tim and Aunt Becky when they talk about thugs and immigrants. It’s pointless, you conveniently declare. Let’s not insult Rogers or other freedom fighters. They’re willing to make the ultimate sacrifice. You can’t even open your mouth and stand up straight. That’s not you boo. You’re not about that life.

Otherwise writer Nick Spencer wouldn’t be receiving death threats for issue #1.

By the by. Pro-tip: When the guy with the raccoon fetish is the voice of reason, you need to reevaluate your failures as a person.

Oh the anti-semitism, some of you protest. Yes, that form of bigotry is serious business, which is why white folks exploiting it over comic book butthurt (and I don’t mean the #MakeCapGay hashtag either) is anti-semitism in itself and white supremacy.

When white folks complain about anti-semitism, they aren’t thinking of Lenny Kravitz, Cosplayer Virginia Tabor, or Black Israelis catching 50 kinds of hell. These white folks certainly don’t care about the white Jewish creators who introduced the world to Steve Rogers. The same creators who Marvel refused to compensate for their labor. Funny how no one was outraged over that. I’m sorry did I ruin your self-righteous riff?

Fine just one more question.

For all of you Cap “stans” who are outraged over Hydra and want to fight white supremacy and Nazis.

Any chance of you boycotting Doctor Strange starring the Grand Wizard as the Sorcerer Supreme out of protest to the whitewashing?


Oh okay then.

Then I only have two words for ya:

3 thoughts on “Oh Hail To The Hydra

  1. Well, when he and Bucky bromantically left together this makes them an even better fit as long as he de-ices The Winter Soldier.
    Will Steve “TURN” everyone he Prison Breaked?”

  2. I knew that Hail Hydra isht didn’t have nothing to do with me. I only know Cap from the MCU and the Avengers books. I’ve never read a single Captain America comic book, cuz I ain’t on him like that. I love the movie version, and that’s about it.

    You really could have used that Kermit drinking tea gif though, because that was my reaction to the whole thing. Plus he’ll be a good guy again by the end the series run, so….
    As a WoC, this whole Hydra thing didn’t break me out, at all. I thought the reaction was a bit much. It’s the kind of reaction people have when they want to impress other people with how good they are.

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