Hello All,

I received a few emails and messages from people who wanted to support the AfroGeeks Unite! summer camp, but didn’t want to wear a shirt with a raygun on it. I completely understand. We’re living in interesting times and the raygun (with the RBG colors) design could be interpreted in a variety of ways… ways some folks may not be comfortable with.

With this in mind, I’ve added two new designs:

AfroGeek Thoughts. 50% of the proceeds go towards funding the AfroGeeks Unite! 2017 summer camp.


Geek Diaspora Element Tile. 100% of the proceeds will go to fund my podcast at http://www.geekdiaspora.com

If you can support, please purchase a shirt (or shirts, hoodies, etc.) It is the holidays. If you cannot purchase, please share on your social media platforms.

You can purchase apparel here.

As always, you have my thanks.


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