Thanks to Jen Bartel, Kris Anka: This #AAIronFist Redesign Took Over Twitter

This past weekend, Netflix finally dropped all 13 episodes of Iron Fist. For the most part, the internet was not pleased. While a smattering of Fist Stans tried their damnedest to pretend what they watched was, you know, good, the consensus among critics (and fans too) was this was Marvel’s first big miss. There was one awesome outcome of the Iron Fist debacle, however: a slew of awesome comics artists began sharing their takes on a redesigned Asian American Danny (or Dani) Rand! And it all started when Jen Bartel shared her riff on Kris Anka’s original:

Of course, Jen’s gorgeous illustration elicited some less-than-enlightened comments from “comics purists.” To which Jen, an Asian American artist, responded:

Fortunately, Jen’s take on #AAIronFist inspired other artists to take part. Starting with the one credited with the design in the first place!

Soon, more joined in on the fun, including this amazing genderbent take on Dani Rand by Paulina Ganucheau:

That opened up the flood gates, as dozens more contributed their take on an Asian American Danny/Dani based on Kris and Paulina’s designs.

UPDATED 3/21/2017! Even more artists have joined in on the #AAIronFist fun!

And Erica Henderson decided to just draw the Iron Fist we deserve: Lewis Tan as Danny Rand!

So it looks like folks looking to be entertained by Iron Fist should have logged onto Twitter instead of Netflix.

5 thoughts on “Thanks to Jen Bartel, Kris Anka: This #AAIronFist Redesign Took Over Twitter

  1. This is bloody AWESOME!!! Makes me wanna break out the pens, pencils and draw and color some stuff.

  2. Marvel always do the same movie and you´re saying that is their first miss??


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