The Middle Geeks Episode 29: ‘Lift Like a Girl’ and an MCU Assessment

Ferdosa joins us to discuss the Netflix documentary Lift Like a Girl! How well did this documentary do at showcasing the weightlifting journey of Asmaa and her team, and the depiction of everyday Egyptians? What could it have done better? We also discuss the exciting news that Black Palestinian writer and actor Yassir Lester will be the head writer of the upcoming MCU series Armor Wars, and speculate on what that might mean for the MCU’s penchant for military propaganda. Enjoy listening!

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Black Panther, Star-Lord, and the Great Chadwick Boseman

Like nearly all viewers tuning in to this week’s episode of Disney’s animated reimagining What If…?, I was excited, anxious, and sad about seeing and hearing Chadwick Boseman on screen in his last project. The second episode, directed by Bryan Andrews and written by Matthew Chauncey, was a bittersweet exploration of a possible reality where T’Challa takes the role of Star-Lord instead of its original figure Peter Quill. While heartwarming and hilarious, the episode felt like a rush through a journey that could have potentially been explored further but was unfortunately cut short.

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NOC Review: ‘What If’ Recontextualizes the MCU

I’m going to do something a bit different for this one. You see, unlike the past three MCU shows we’ve been treated to (wow, I can’t believe we live in a world where I get to say something like that that!), What If takes more of an anthology approach ala Black Mirror and Twilight Zone. And that, essentially, was the spirit of the original comic book series.

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The Middle Geeks Episode 28: Palestine in Pop Culture and ‘Loki’

Palestinian historian and scholar N.A. Mansour joins us to discuss the situation in Palestine, where the situation stands now, how pop culture plays into the dehumanization of Palestinians, and what you can do to help and learn more about Palestinian people and their struggles. We also discuss all of Loki Season 1! What did we like about the series, and what themes resonated with us? Where could it have done better in areas? We also give our recommendations, and much more!

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There is No Mephisto in ‘Loki’

Warning: Spoiler alert for the first episode of Loki

When WandaVision premiered, fans speculated that the series Big Bad was going to be Mephisto, a devil-like demon from Hell, and stuck with the idea that he will eventually be introduced to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. When he did not appear in WandaVision, many fans hope for the red devil were lost until the premiere of Marvel’s new series Loki. Obviously, when the first episode of Loki dropped – fans observed every little detail – including a scene which featured TVA agent Mobius (Owen Wilson) traveling to a crime scene where TVA soldiers were found killed. He proceeded to ask a young child who was present on who killed the men in the church. The child then pointed to a stained glass of a devil.

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NOC Review: Kneel Before ‘Loki,’ the Best Marvel Studios Series Thus Far!

I realize I’ve only seen two episodes, but as of this moment, Loki is absolutely already my favorite of the Marvel Studios shows so far. Don’t get me wrong. WandaVision is incredibly original and ambitious. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Captain America and the Winter Soldier was relevant and politically aware. But after the first two episodes of each, I found myself questioning whether or not I loved the shows as much as the films. Yes it’s great to give us time to explore these characters as more than just B-members of The Avengers, playing second fiddle to the original six. But was it really going to give me the same feelings I got whenever I’d walk out of the cinemas after another rousing $200M budgeted 2-3 hour installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

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Kevin Feige Knew He Wanted to Bring Loki Back During ‘Endgame’

Marvel President Kevin Feige didn’t know if they were going to expand Loki’s story after the character’s tragic death at the hands of Thanos in Infinity War. It was only until they brought the character back for Endgame that they realized there was a story behind bringing Loki back from the dead.

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Loki’s MCU Recap as Told by ‘Loki’ Himself

It’s almost here, guys.

Our favorite villain Loki has been with us for many years and through many films, so to celebrate National Streaming Day and his upcoming series on Disney+, Tom Hiddleston gave fans a 30 second recap of Loki’s full MCU backstory in an amusingly informative new featurette.

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The Middle Geeks Episode 25: The Falcon, The Winter Soldier, and… Chad

This month, we’re reviewing not one, but TWO series, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier on Disney+, and Nasim Pedrad’s Chad on TBS! What did we think of the overall series and finale of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier? How well did it handle the sociopolitical and geopolitical themes it tried to tackle? How did Chad do a good job at presenting a normal Iranian American family, and what did we make of the cringe humor style? We also discuss some VERY exciting castings of MENA actors for the Black Adam film, give our recommendations, and much more!

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UPDATED: Cap is Back! ‘Captain America 4’ in the Works with Malcolm Spellman

It’s not a spoiler alert to say A LOT happens in six episodes of the epic The Falcon and the Winter Soldier series. So it would make sense for the story to continue in some way, shape, or form to explore everything it sets up. As such, it’s not surprising that today via The Hollywood Reporter it was announced that showrunner Malcolm Spellman is teaming up with staff writer Dalan Musson to write the fourth installment in the Captain America franchise.

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I Am Captain America: Get Used to It

by Thaddeus Howze

While Marvel Comics has never allowed Sam Wilson to remain Captain America, it is good to see they have decided to allow him to hold the title in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

In the comics, they engineered an excuse for him to become Captain America and when they were done with the story arc, Steve Rogers reclaimed his title and his shield.

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NOC Interview: Wendi McLendon-Covey on All Things ‘The Goldbergs’

Wendi McLendon-Covey stars as Beverly Goldberg, aka the ultimate smother, in ABC’s hit comedy series The Goldbergs. The actress is no stranger to comedy and certainly never fails to leave audiences laughing episode after episode. The series is currently on season 8 with new episodes airing Wednesdays at 8 PM ET.

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The New ‘Loki’ Trailer is Burdened with Glorious Purpose

The god of mischief is back! The last we saw the lovable rogue, the 2012 version of him stole the tesseract and vanished into thin air during the events of Avengers Endgame. Now we get to see what happens next, as he’s pursued by the mysterious Time Variance Authority! And boy does it look like a blast! Take a look for yourself with the new trailer here:

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Get All the Details from Hulu’s ‘Marvel’s M.O.D.O.K.’ WonderCon@Home Panel

Marvel’s M.O.D.O.K. premieres on May 21 and Hulu’s WonderCon@Home panel for the adult animated series revealed some big news, including that Jon Hamm, Whoopi Goldberg, Nathan Fillion, and Bill Hader will all be guest stars!

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NOC Review: ‘The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’ Goes for Grounded Over Grandiose


It’s easy to see why The Falcon and the Winter Soldier was originally intended to be the first of the Disney+ Marvel Studios series before WandaVision. And it is because, by comparison, it is a safer show and an easy toe dip for Marvel Studios into the world of serialized streaming shows. Many may see that as a bad thing, but, frankly,  it’s not. The greatest joy in seeing the Marvel Cinematic Universe unfold the past 13 years is we can have a gritty political thriller like Captain America: The Winter Soldier AND a cosmic space opera like Guardians of the Galaxy, and have it all make sense together. And here we see that level of versatility on display again. The sheer fact that there’s room in our world for an insane, reality-bending sitcom/drama show about grief, and a realistic action drama about two people and their insecurities regarding living up to the mantle of their closest friend is nothing short of amazing.

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The Middle Geeks Episode 24: ‘WandaVision’ Review

We’re joined once again by the wonderful Arezou to discuss and review the entirety of Marvel’s WandaVision on Disney+! What did we think the series did well, and what were areas it could have improved upon? How well did it do at exploring themes of love and grief? What do we think it says about the future of the MCU, and the standard it sets for character development and exploration going forward? We answer all that and more in this spoiler-packed installment of The Middle Geeks! 

Spoilers for all of WandaVision throughout this episode

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NOC Exclusive Interview: ‘WandaVision’ Showrunner Jac Schaeffer

With four more episodes let, WandaVision is slowly revealing more and more of the mystery behind Wanda and the town of WestView. Wanda’s perfect sitcom world is slowly falling apart and we still have no idea how or why this is all happening. There are so many theories flying around. And, fans will be surprised to find out that WandaVision showrunner, Jac Schaeffer and her writing staff are reading all of them.

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UPDATED NOC Theories: The “Whos,” “Whats,” and “Whys” of ‘WandaVision’

By Laura Sirikul and Mike Manalo

By now, if you’re anything like us, you’ve already seen the first three episodes of WandaVision. If not — how dare you call yourself an MCU fan (just kidding, we love you!). Having said that, it’s no spoiler to say the show presents an intriguing slow burn mystery that keeps us guessing from the first frame to the very last frame of the third episode. And boy do we love the hell out of it! But, do we have any idea what’s going on, and why, or how it all leads into Marvel Studios’ first horror film, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness? Not a clue. And I’m sure you all are saying the same things. So being that we’re all MCU fans here at The Nerds of Color, we want to commiserate with you, our faithful fandom family, and see if we can put together our detective hats and paranoid “Charlie Day” conspiracy theory boards to present a few potential theories about where the series is going, and what the underlying story is behind WandaVision. If we’re wrong, please don’t hate us, but if we’re right, Marvel Studios owes us $2 billion dollars for cracking the case (Update: We’ve reached out to them and they said no to this so… just bragging rights)!

**Please note, we absolutely cannot express strongly enough that we will dive into spoiler territory for the first three episodes. So if you have not seen them yet, we very much encourage you to please watch before you read the rest of this article.**

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The Middle Geeks Episode 22: ‘Breaking Fast’ Review

We are joined by our friend Tariq Raouf to discuss the upcoming film Breaking Fast, which features a gay Arab-American Muslim as its protagonist! We discuss what we enjoyed about the film, what director and writer Mike Mosallam was trying to say with this delightful rom-com, how well it does with representation for Arabs, Muslims, and Ramadan, and where it could have been better. Before that, in our MENA news segment, we have some GREAT news to discuss with Ramy’s May Calamawy being base in Marvel’s Moon Knight! And another of our faves, Rami Malek, has been cast in a lead role in David O’Rusell’s upcoming film! Enjoy listening!

Spoilers for Breaking Fast begin around 26:06

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