Journey Into the Badlands with Co-Creator Al Gough

In the first part of a special podcast crossover with DC TV Classics, Keith chats with Into the Badlands co-creator Al Gough. They talk about Al’s start in Hollywood with his writing and producing partner Miles Millar; working with Hong Kong cinema legends like Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Donnie Yen, Michelle Yeoh, and Daniel Wu; how difficult it is to accurately portray kung fu on broadcast television; and the importance of representation and why the onus is on producers and directors to find and cast diverse talent.

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One thought on “Journey Into the Badlands with Co-Creator Al Gough

  1. I really do appreciate a show like this on television. You have 2 Asian male leads on this show and it’s incredible. I really do love the diversity as well. You have an Asian male lead with a beautiful mix woman who is black. I’m glad that people are finally giving this show a chance. I’m ready for season 3 already.

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