Ira Madison III Talks Catwoman and the 25th Anniversary of ‘Batman Returns’

On June 19, 1992, Batman Returns premiered and was unlike any comic book superhero movie that came before — or after. Starring Michael Keaton as Batman, Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman, and Danny DeVito as Penguin, Batman Returns was a beautiful dark twisted fantasy that doubled down on Tim Burton’s gothic tendencies and created one of the most enduring female characters in superhero cinema.

So who better to talk about what this movie means to the culture than The Daily Beast’s Ira Madison III — who recently expounded on the importance of the Batman/Catwoman relationship? Together, Keith and Ira explore what made the movie great — and why it’s sometimes misunderstood. Keith may have also convinced Ira to buy a Catwoman action figure on eBay. They also take a moment to remember the original Batman, Adam West, who passed away on June 9.

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  1. love the movie cause im a catwoman fanboy all day!!! she is the second best after wonder woman! now if only we can get a latina to play her going forward……..

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