Southern Fried Asian: Michelle Krusiec

On the first Southern Fried Asian of 2018, Keith welcomes film, television, and stage actress — and Virginia Beach homegirl — Michelle Krusiec.

Keith and Michelle reminisce about growing up in Hampton Roads (2:00) and growing up in the storage closet of a Chinese restaurant (5:00). Later, she reveals how she met her first professional agent as a waitress at that restaurant (16:00) and become an actress, including her first role in Hollywood as an older Molly O’Brien on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (20:15). They also discuss the politics of growing up Asian American with adoptive, interracial parents (25:00) and what it was like seeing “cool” Asian kids in school (32:00). Michelle then explains the creation of her one-woman show Made in Taiwan and exploring the Asian immigrant experience (35:00). Later, they explore the legacy of the film Saving Face and the importance of representation (42:00). Finally, they sing the praises of the 757’s Waffle Houses and all-you-can-eat buffets (48:00).

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