Here’s The ‘Captain Marvel’ Cast’s Karaoke Go-To Playlist, In Case You Were Wondering

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According to today’s live Q&A event hosted by Marvel Studios at a re-created Tower Records in West Hollywood, which also featured live sets by Bush and L7.

LASHANA LYNCH / MARIA RAMBEAU likes to go to MJ’s “P.Y.T.” Great song, great karaoke song.

(Although we are possibly on the eve of a difficult conversation regarding performance of Michael Jackson in the karaoke realm, but let’s not go there right now.)

CLARK GREGG / AGENT PHIL COULSON‘s choice? SWV’s “Right Here.” (He used Lynch’s Michael Jackson reference as a segue to this version of the song, famously featuring a sample from the Thriller album.)

BRIE LARSON / CAROL DANVERS / CAPTAIN MARVEL mentioned sometimes not being able to find Destiny’s Child’s “Bills, Bills Bills” in the book, which sadly means Brie’s been going to some shabby karaoke places. Brie! Let’s go karaoke, I can recommend some spots! On this planet and others!

(Every karaoke book work riffling through ought to have “Bills Bills Bills,” seriously.)



A classy choice from the head of S.H.I.E.L.D.: The Manhattans, “Kiss and Say Goodbye.”


Actually I’d never heard of Tom Jones’ “Green Green Grass Of Home” before in my life, but hey, that’s one reason you go to to karaoke, to discover new songs, and also, he’s a Skrull, so. (Also, it’d be fun to see Krennic from Rogue One do this one.)

L7 ended the special ’90s flashback session with a short hot rad set, starting, naturally, with “Pretend We’re Dead” and closing with “Fast and Frightening,” which the actors confirmed was played during fight rehearsal, as mood music.

It’s well-established that in karaoke bar culture, the music of the ’90s is a particularly sweet spot, as it was the formative music for a wide demographic of humans currently in their mid-20s to their early-40s, which, I think it’s fair to say, describes A LOT of people you’re likely to find in a karaoke bar. Call it a Generation X + Millennial overlap point, or don’t (because apparently Generation X doesn’t exist anymore). The point is, directors Boden and Fleck and/or some shrewd editor or music supervisor, whoever it is, have been pushing the ’90s alt-rock vibe pretty hard in the Captain Marvel ad campaign. And thus, it seems likely that Captain Marvel will be Marvel’s most karaoke-friendly movie ever.

Which is, in case my bias is unclear, a GOOD THING.

Republica. Elastica. Hole. NIN. Oh, my heart. #BrieIsBoss #Skrullin

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