Welcome to The Middle Geeks!

Welcome to The Middle Geeks! In our very first episode, Mae and Swara introduce the podcast and discuss our feelings on Middle East and North African (MENA) representation in popular media. We also review the live action remakes of Aladdin, discussing what we think it did well, how it could have done better, and how the unfortunate Orientalism of the film conveys how Disney and the rest of Hollywood need to do better on Middle Eastern inclusion.

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Our reviews of Aladdin:

2 thoughts on “Welcome to The Middle Geeks!

  1. Thanks for sharing your stories, and you’re totally right about having baby steps towards onscreen representation and how they need to backed up by behind-the-scenes diversity as well. Excellent point about WOC not getting the same opportunities, as well.

    I’m still listening, so I’m looking forward to the Aladdin part!

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