Oh Dip! You Can Now Pre-Order ‘The Good Place’ Funko Pops

Even though The Good Place is by far one of the best shows on TV, there is not a lot of official merch available for the series. Fortunately, Funko is rectifying that situation by unveiling a series of Pop! Vinyl figures featuring everyone’s favorite Soul Squad. The show may be ending, but it can now live on forever on your display shelves for all of Jeremy Bearimy.

Take a look at each Pop! below and pre-order from Entertainment Earth now for delivery in June 2020.

The Good Place Chidi Anagonye Pop! Vinyl Figure
The Good Place Chidi Anagonye Pop! Vinyl

If you’re having a difficult time deciding which Pop! to get, you’re in good company! The Chidi Anagonye Pop! is the perfect figure to represent your own indecisiveness. While the figure features William Jackson Harper with Chidi’s signature sweater-vest, glasses, and light reading ensemble, variants we’d like to see in the future are shirtless Chidi (with a pot of “chilli”), Chidi with red cowboy boots, and a Chidi holding a note that only Eleanor can read in the reflection of his glasses. sniff

The Good Place Eleanor Shellstrop Pop! Vinyl Figure
The Good Place Eleanor Shellstrop Pop! Vinyl

That’s why you can’t get a Chidi Pop! without pairing it with his soulmate Eleanor. Of course, this isn’t Kristen Bell’s first Funko rodeo — an Anna from Frozen II is available right now after all. Like Chidi, Eleanor is depicted in her iconic season one look, complete with plaid shirt and frozen yogurt. Hopefully we’ll get variants of Eleanor in one of her many Architect ensembles from season four sooner than later.

The Good Place Tahani Al-Jamil Pop! Vinyl Figure
The Good Place Tahani Al-Jamil Pop! Vinyl

Next up, we have socialite Tahani Al-Jamil in a floral gown, ready to host a party and drop a few celebrities’ names. Hopefully no one will mistake this Pop! figure for her sister Kamilah, but you never know. It’s also only a matter of time before Funko gives us a super-sized Pop! figure of Tahania, the Mirror Centaur, right?

The Good Place Jason Mendoza Pop! Vinyl Figure
The Good Place Jason Mendoza Pop! Vinyl

The final member of Team Cockroach is the one and only Jason Mendoza! Though Funko has got him decked out in his signature Jacksonville Jaguars jersey (BORTLES!), they forgot to include a Molotov cocktail. Because everyone knows Molotov cocktails work! The other issue is that they could have gone a little more overboard on the cheekbones. I mean, have you seen Manny Jacinto?! While the obvious variants would have Jason as Jian Yu or in his Bad Place suit and fedora Jake Jortles disguise, what I actually want are Pops! of the extended Mendoza family. Namely, Donkey Doug and Pillboi, but mostly Pillboi because I need a Eugene Cordero to display alongside The Mandalorian and Cara Dune. Speaking of which, have you seen the Baby Yoda merch yet?!

The Good Place Michael Pop! Vinyl Figure
The Good Place Michael Pop! Vinyl

Next up is baseball player-turned-bartender-turned-architect-turned-demon-turned-good guy Michael. Quick tangent: but between Funko’s output for Cheers and The Good Place, who knew we’d end this decade with multiple Ted Danson collectible figures? I assume that’s the Book of Dougs he’s holding, but I could be wrong. There aren’t a lot of variants you could pull off with Michael aside from the various human aliases he used on Earth, like Zack Pizazz or Gordon Indigo. Maybe if Michael takes off his skin suit, we may get a super-sized Pop! of Michael as a 6,000-foot-tall Fire Squid?

The Good Place Janet Pop! Vinyl Figure
The Good Place Janet Pop! Vinyl

Lastly, we have a Funko Pop! of Janet holding all of the knowledge in the universe, as well as Eleanor Shellstrop’s file. The best thing about a Janet Pop! is that it has an endless amount of variations it can offer. From giving us Bad Janet, Neutral Janet, and all the Janets in between — if you’ve seen the episode “The Answer,” you could buy multiples to arrange in your display. That’s right, a Janet army builder! Of course, the Janet variants that are the most obvious would be from the episode “Janet(s)” in which D’Arcy Carden perfectly portrays each of our heroes. I’m still mad Carden didn’t get an Emmy nomination for that episode.

Now that there is finally The Good Place merch available, let’s hope these Pops! are just the tip of the iceberg. With the show being marbleized in January, we fans will need something to remember it by after it’s dropped by Netflix — and let’s face it, no one is getting the Peacock streaming service.

In the meantime, you can get $9 Funko Pops! online at BoxLunch! (Some exclusions apply.)

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