This Deluxe Snake Eyes is the Best Action Figure of the Year

At long last, 6-inch scale G.I. Joe action figures have arrived. Well, at least one of them. This week, Hasbro Pulse began shipping began shipping its exclusive Deluxe Snake Eyes figure from the upcoming G.I. Joe Classified Series line. I’ve had it open for less than a day and I can already say it’s the best action figure of 2020 (and maybe of all time).

The first thing you notice is how large and striking the packaging is. When the shipping box first arrived, I was confused because it was so big and heavy. When I saw what was inside, it all made sense. The first thing you notice is the stylized slipcover encasing an embossed box featuring gorgeous artwork of a wolf (Timber?) and oni hybrid, with “Snake Eyes” in katakana printed in red. Even money says that this is going to be tattooed on the backs of many G.I. Joe fans soon. That same design greets you again in a frameable print once you’re able to get the box open — by the way, the packaging is very collector friendly (no unnecessary tape to be found anywhere) but is surprisingly difficult to open!

Once opened, you’ll find what makes this figure “deluxe.” Snake comes inside standard Classified Series retail packaging, though stylized for the special release, while extra accessories and a amazingly sculpted weapons rack can be found encased in foam, making this feel even more like a high-end collector’s item, and worth every penny of its $40 price tag.

In addition to his extra ninja weapons, Snake’s packed-in accessories are clearly visible in the window box. He comes with a removable bandolier, a knapsack, two extra hands, a dagger, a handgun and silencer, his trusty uzi, and signature katana with scabbard. The gun and silencer can be holstered on his right thigh, and his dagger on his left. The scabbard has a peg that can attach to the knapsack, which pegs directly into his back, or you could peg the scabbard directly to his back instead.

To be honest, when I saw how beautifully presented this figure was, I was tempted to just keep it in-package. I mean, it makes for an eye-catching display piece as-is. But one of the reasons you wish for a Marvel Legends-like G.I. Joe figure is because you want to get it out and pose it!

Okay, so I’m not the best action figure photographer and these are admittedly vanilla poses, but trust me when I say the articulation on this guy is out-of-this-world. He’s got double-jointed elbows and knees, ball joints on the top and bottom of the neck for a full range of head movement, butterfly shoulder joints, and drop-down hips.

But the piece de resistance is his torso articulation! There’s a standard ab crunch, but the waist is also on a ball for an amazing range of motion. There isn’t a pose you can’t get this guy in! The other standout is its meticulous sculpting. There are textures and wrinkles sculpted into the suit that rival some of the most expensive import figures. And even though there isn’t a ton of paint apps — it is a Snake Eyes figure after all — what’s there is used expertly to highlight details throughout his suit.

6-inch Snake Eyes alongside his 3-3/4″ counterpart (v54) — my previous favorite Snake Eyes figure.

My love of Snake Eyes is no secret to regular visitors of this website. And as a 6-inch action figure enthusiast, this is easily all I could ever want in a toy. Are there nitpicks? Sure. I wish he had a swappable “Commando” head (though the visor is by far my favorite version) or at least a scaled Timber the Wolf. But honestly, those are minor gripes. With a feature film (hopefully) due in the fall, 2020 was always going to be the Year of the Snake (Coronavirus be damned!).

Hasbro’s initial foray into 6-inch Joes is a hell of a way to kick it off!

And what’s even better? After a chilly reception at Toy Fair for the initial Joes in the wave, Hasbro revealed pre-orders are open for Destro, its first villain in the series, and my friends it looks pretty perfect.

The Deluxe Snake Eyes is sold out, but you can pre-order Destro right now at Entertainment Earth! Just click the image below!

G.I. Joe Classified Series 6-Inch Destro Action Figure

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