RE: Anime Releases Trailer for Live Action ‘One Punch Man’ Short

Today, the RE: Anime YouTube channel released their trailer for the new live action short, One Punch Man vs. Genos. The film features the epic fight scene between One Punch Man and Genos based on the original anime and features Alfred Hsing and official Friend of the NOC, Yoshi Sudarso in the titular roles. Check it out below:

“When we set out to adapt One Punch Man to live action, we knew we had to bring that same insane action and comedy to the big screen,” said director Elliot C. Rosen. “This scene features the first and only fight scene between the show’s two protagonists: Saitama and Genos. Fans are in for a treat.”

“We truly believe that all animated content that is being translated to live-action should be created by fans for the fans,” said RE: Anime creator Nik Shaw. “That is our mission statement and we want to prove to Netflix that we have the passion, vision and fan perspective to bring One Punch Man to the live action arena in a way that will please both longtime fans as well as brand new audiences.”

Yoshi Sudarso as Genos
Alfred Hsing as Saitama

Look for the One Punch Man vs. Genos live action short to debut later this summer.