NOC Interview: Greg Daniels, Andy Buckley and Oscar Martinez of ‘The Office’

To borrow a line from Michael Scott, “My heart soars with the eagle’s nest.” The TV and film world of 2021 has started off phenomenally, with too much streaming content to choose from and loads of time to dive into favorites both new and old.

This past weekend we saw The Office make its official transition to NBCUniversal’s new streaming service Peacock but accompanied by a treasure trove of new clips and never-before-seen footage spanning several seasons of the beloved franchise.

Source: Peacock

The show has only grown since its first episode in 2005 and with more families at home and in search of some kind of comedic relief, The Office delivers on all the laughs and love we could really use during this time.

This week I had the amazing opportunity to sit down with creator and producer of The Office, Greg Daniels, as well as Oscar Nunez who played Oscar Martinez on the show, and of course, Andy Buckley who played David Wallace, Dunder Mifflin’s preeminent CFO.

You can find the interview in its entirety below, and be sure to check out all of the new content Peacock is brining to The Office series now available on their platform.

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  1. I was soo mad when I found out The Office is no longer available on Netflix. My 13yo daughter is becoming a fan and my 2yo seems to love Stanley, laughing when he says anything. Well, I have no issue subscribing to the service to get my Office fix. I wonder if they have Seinfeld or was that a different network?

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