Dylan O’Brien’s ‘Flashback’ Trailer Leaves Fans on Edge

Dylan O’Brien is one of those actors that truly masters any role he plays, making audiences eager for each new project he has. After the release of his recent film Love and Monsters, fans can now start counting down the release of his new Lionsgate thriller, Flashback.

According to ET, O’Brien portrays “Fredrick Fitzell, who is depressed, dealing with the impending death of his mother and grappling with how best to move forward on the verge of turning 30 and settling down. Then he starts having unexplainable visions of a former classmate, Cindy (Maika Monroe), who vanished in high school. To stop the visions and finally find out what happened to Cindy, Fredrick takes a trippy journey through his own memories via a mystery drug called Mercury.”


The actor tweeted about the film, writing, “Proud of this movie. Please watch it.”

Flashback will hit select theaters and be available to rent on June 4 before releasing on Blu-ray and DVD on June 8.