AJ Michalka Makes Her Return to ‘The Goldbergs’ This Wednesday

The beloved Lainey Lewis is coming back to ABC’s hit comedy, The Goldbergs, in episode 8×20, “Poker Night.” AJ Michalka made her exit from the series in the middle of season six before starring in Schooled, continuing her role as Lainey, set in the 1990s. The official Twitter account for the show announced the news on May 2.

The Goldbergs takes fans back to the ‘80s and is the perfect comfort show, filled with laughs and a ton of heart. You will fall in love with the Goldberg family, which is made up of Beverly, Murray, Pops, Adam, Barry, and Erica. The show ensures everyone in the family has a character they can relate to and enjoy watching together. Throughout the series, we see Adam use his video camera to document his family and their lives. What makes this so unique is at the very end of each episode, viewers get to see real footage of the actual Goldberg family, many of the videos or photos being what was just seen in the episode.

ABC/Raymond Liu

You might also know Michalka from talented music duo Aly & AJ, which also has some exciting news for this week! Their new album, a touch of the beat will be out on May 7. You can get all the details on how to listen here.

ABC/Raymond Liu

The official synopsis for the episode is “In order to take her mind off of her heartbreak, Erica takes a trip to Los Angeles to see her best friend, Lainey Lewis (played by AJ Michalka), and they end up getting the band back together for a gig. Meanwhile, after getting caught taking part in an underground poker game, Adam gets sentenced to Pop-Pop (played by Judd Hirsch) duty, which turns out better than expected.

In case you’re not already hyped enough, below are some promo pics from the episode to give a first look at Lainey’s return and reunion with Erica (Hayley Orrantia):

Tune in this Wednesday at 8 PM ET to see what Lainey’s been up to since we last saw her!