Marvel Studios Debuts Brand New Clip from ‘Black Widow’

Tonight during the MTV Movie Awards, Scarlett Johansson was honored with the MTV Generation Award for her contributions to Film and Television. And when you think about how much ScarJo has accomplished in her career at only 36, it makes you feel very unproductive. She’s barely older than me, and she’s ascended the ranks of SHIELD, stopped a Chitauri invasion, destroyed Ultron, fought Team Stark over the Sokovia Accords, fought Thanos, and avenged the world! In comparison, I review movies (which is admittedly a lot safer).

Anyway, in addition to the award, ScarJo and Marvel Studios were able to share with us a very special sneak peak at this summer’s Black Widow! And just seeing the chemistry between such talented actresses like Scarlett and Florence Pugh, as well as the explosive action, makes me just so grateful that I’m fully vaccinated, since nothing is going to stop me from seeing this one in a theater! I’m so ready for this!

Check it out here:

Black Widow hits theaters and Disney+ with Premier Access on July 9th!