Culture House’s Raeshem Nijhon Talks About the Importance of Representation

The last several years have seen numerous fallouts from Hollywood industry titans with regard to representation and the arts. NBC cancelling the 2022 Golden Globes amid the problems the HFPA essentially created for itself is a reminder of the strides still to be had for the industry. Enter Raeshem Nijhon, executive producer and founder at Culture House, a black, brown, and women-owned premium film and TV production company.

Through Culture House, Nijhon made it her mission to champion diversity and inclusion within the film and TV industry, while still finding the balance between motherhood, marriage, and the changes within the industry due to the pandemic and upcoming projects. Culture House specializes in non-fiction film, television, and cultural narratives, while also creating opportunities for people of color, women, and queer people, and non-traditional voices on both sides of the camera.

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Nijhon to discuss her plans and pursuits with Culture House, and the strides they’ve managed to make despite the pitfalls of the pandemic and the mounting obstacles still besetting communities of color. You can find our conversation in full below.