FX on Hulu Reveals First Teaser for ‘Y: The Last Man’

Just a few days ago, we reported that FX was moving forward with a series based on Brian K. Vaughn’s seminal classic comic book series, Y: The Last Man.

Well today, the network dropped our first teaser officially announcing the project and the release date for the highly-anticipated adaptation. Check it out here:

I personally love the vibe of the trailer, showcasing how gender-biased our society is, really highlighting the large percentages of areas like politics, business, and the airline industry are actually incredibly male-dominated at this point in time. I have no doubt that the series will find a way to intelligently skewer the rampant sexism that still exists in our world today, and also thrill and entertain us the same way the comic did. Looking forward to its debut!

The show has officially also gone live with a new official Twitter account.

 Y: The Last Man stars Diane Lane as “Congresswoman Jennifer Brown,” Ashley Romans as “Agent 355,” Ben Schnetzer as “Yorick Brown,” Olivia Thirlby as “Hero Brown,” Amber Tamblyn as “Kimberly Cunningham,” Marin Ireland as “Nora Brady,” Diana Bang as “Dr. Allison Mann,” Elliot Fletcher as “Sam Jordan” and Juliana Canfield as “Beth Deville.

 It premieres exclusively to FX on Hulu Monday, September 13!