DevTalks: Jason Parks of ‘Rhythm of the Universe: Ionia’ on Breathtaking New VR Experience

Jason Parks, CEO at ROTU Entertainment, wants his new game Rhythm of the Universe: Ionia to resonate on a level that most VR experiences have not. The game, coming September 23 to PS4, PS5, and PC, is an adventure series about preserving the environment that incorporates music from ROTU Entertainment. Parks is a musician first and a multitalented game designer second, but his passion for this project to reach a new audience is palpable.

Rhythm of the Universe: Ionia (Video Game 2021) - IMDb

Ionia will take players on a fantastic journey through vibrant and lively flora and fauna, all while communicating the importance of protecting and preserving wildlife. Parks is passionate about both the message behind Ionia and also the many ways music knowledge is transferred throughout the game.

Parks is known as an avid VR fan and voice in its community, and The Nerds of Color recently caught up with him to demo the new game. While a slight departure from previous projects, Parks was adamant about the purpose of Ionia as more than just a gaming experience. Proceeds made from the game will go toward supporting wildlife conservation, a move few have seen in the gaming industry and that will no doubt have a lasting impact. You can find our conversation above and be sure to wishlist Rhythm of the Universe: Ionia on Steam ahead of its September 23 release date.