Full Trailer for ‘Halo The Series’ Debuts

As promised, Paramount+ did indeed drop the new full trailer for Halo the Series today. And, wow, it looks explosive! As I predicted they also revealed the released date for the eagerly anticipated series, which will be dropping March 24!

If you haven’t had a chance to see it yet, take a look below:

It was recently revealed that the show will not be taking place in the same continuity as the game. It will be set in an alternate timeline, similar to the Kelvin timeline for Star Trek. This is much to the relief of many die hard O.G. fans, who were afraid of the potential consequences the series may have on the mythology.

Personally, it looks visually incredible to me! And it seems like, for Master Chief, they are trying to go the Mandalorian route, keeping the helmet on star Pablo Schreiber. And the Covenant and their weapons look phenomenal too!

Cautiously optimistic about this one! Let’s see how it goes, when Halo the Series hits Paramount+ March 24!