‘Resident Evil’ Official Trailer & Images Revealed

Netflix Geeked has revealed a new official trailer for the horror series, based on the classic video game and successful film franchise. The previous trailer, which was beautifully described here by my colleague, shows two different timelines — life before the outbreak where the Umbrella Company is trying to rebrand themselves to a more wholesome and safe look — to the outbreak of 2036 where many of us would recognize from the game and film world.

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‘Resident Evil’ Trailer Breakdown, Analysis, and Easter Eggs

The first trailer for Netflix’s new Resident Evil trailer released this morning. Although it did give us our first glimpse at the story, characters, and settings of this new take on the canon, it didn’t reveal much else. At least, not directly. Like the games that inspired it, Resident Evil hid quite a few details in the background of its teaser. Details that could lead to the mystery behind this new iteration’s virus outbreak. And wouldn’t ya know it, the Umbrella Corporation is most definitely involved.

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The First Trailer for Netflix’s Live Action ‘Resident Evil’ is Here

The world of Resident Evil has grown exponentially, hasn’t it? The games have gone from zombies to mutated tentacle monsters to immortal sludge monsters masquerading as a serial killer family. The most recent entry in the main game line introduced actual werewolves and vampire queens into the mix!

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NOC Interview: ‘Halo’ Star Bokeem Woodbine on Being Soren-066

Halo the series set a record as Paramount+’s most-watched series premiere globally in its first 24 hours. And before the first season even debuted, it was greenlit for a second season. I think it’s safe to say it’s a big hit! One of the series’ biggest strengths is the charming and sincere performance from scene stealer and Emmy-nominee Bokeem Woodbine. We were able to get an exclusive interview with the Halo star, as he discussed the show’s latest episode.

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NOC Exclusive Clip: Dig This New Clip from ‘Halo’ Episode 4

Head’s up Spartans! If you’ve been enjoying Halo on a weekly basis, like I have, then we’ve got a hell of a surprise for you! We are honored to debut for you an exclusive clip from this week’s episode! Click here to check it out!

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Breaking Down Master Chief with ‘Halo’ Star Pablo Schreiber

It’s here, Spartans! Halo is finally coming to screens everywhere, this Thursday, March 24th on Paramount+. And to celebrate, we were given the chance to sit down with Pablo Schreiber who plays Master Chief, John-117 in the long awaited series adaptation!

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Full Trailer for ‘Halo The Series’ Debuts

As promised, Paramount+ did indeed drop the new full trailer for Halo the Series today. And, wow, it looks explosive! As I predicted they also revealed the released date for the eagerly anticipated series, which will be dropping March 24!

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NOC Interview: Reed Shannon is a Voice of the Future

Reed Shannon is the very definition of a performer, and there’s a very good chance you have heard or seen him already. Whether it comes to his acting in the upcoming The Wilds season two, making music like his recent single “Bad Girl,” his stand-up career, or his voice acting as the voice of Cartoon Network and fan favorite Ekko from the hit Netflix show, Arcane, Reed has shown that he is able to do it all and more. 

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Check Out the New Poster for ‘Uncharted’

A new poster has just been shared for Uncharted, which is based on the PlayStation video game by Naughty Dog. The film stars Tom Holland, Mark Wahlberg, Sophia Ali, Tati Gabrielle, and Antonio Banderas. Holland also serves as an executive producer.

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Sony Pictures Reveals Official Trailer for ‘Uncharted’

The first real look at Columbia and Sony Pictures’ Uncharted is finally here. The film adaptation (or prequel in this instance) of the hit PlayStation franchise starring Tom Holland, Sophia Taylor Ali, Antonio Banderas, and Mark Wahlberg showed off an action-packed adventure with its official trailer reveal.

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