NOC Exclusive Clip: Dig This New Clip from ‘Halo’ Episode 4

Head’s up Spartans! If you’ve been enjoying Halo on a weekly basis, like I have, then we’ve got a hell of a surprise for you! We are honored to debut for you an exclusive clip from this week’s episode! Click here to check it out!

The mystery behind Master Chief, Cortana, Dr. Halsey, and the Covenant continues to enthrall fans all over the country. But we are just scratching the surface of this adventure. Coming this Thursday is the next chapter in the hit series, which quickly rose through the ranks to become Paramount+’s most successful series to date. And we have an exclusive clip for you to see.

To set it up for you, the clip gives us a closer look at the evolving emotional state of Spartan Kai-125 and a budding relationship with Miranda Keyes. Take a first look at the scene right here:

So many questions! Why is Kai-125 acting like this? What is the experiment Keyes is conducting? Is beef about to go down between the two?

There’s only one way to find out, Spartans!

The fourth episode of Halo drops on Paramount+ this Thursday!