Meeting the Mario Bros., aka Chris Pratt and Charlie Day from ‘The Super Mario Bros. Movie’

Let’s-a-go! Today’s the day, folks! The Super Mario Bros. Movie finally hits theaters. And to celebrate, all this week we’ve brought you the latest from stars Keegan-Michael Key and Seth Rogan, who play Toad and Donkey Kong. But today, finally, we have the biggest of these interviews! We were able to sit down with the invincible stars of the film, and greatest heroes the Mushroom Kingdom has ever seen, Mario and Luigi, themselves, Chris Pratt and Charlie Day!

This was a big one for us, because the Mario Bros. have been around for 40 years! And everyone and their parents grew up playing with these characters through different adventures in the Mushroom Kingdom. And to, not only finally see them come to life on the big screen through the voices of Pratt and Day, but also talk to them about their contribution to the legacy of these characters, is an incredible treat.

We break down their feelings about being a part of the legacy, Pratt’s Mario voice, and the possibilities of future installments like a Luigi’s Mansion movie, all right here:

The Super Mario Bros. Movie is now in theaters! Get your tickets now!

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