Discussing Donkey Kong with ‘The Super Mario Bros. Movie’ Star Seth Rogen

Donkey Kong is an icon! Little do people know Mario was actually a spin off of the original Donkey Kong game where the eponymous ape threw barrels at the then-unnamed character, “Jumpman,” who later became Mario. So when jumping into the role of the most famous video game ape in the world for The Super Mario Bros. Movie, Seth Rogen had a lot to live up to. And thankfully, he nailed the role, like he was the king of the jungle!

To celebrate the release of The Super Mario Bros. Movie — coming this Wednesday, April 5 — we were given the opportunity to talk about the highly anticipated movie with the film’s cast. Yesterday, we debuted our interview with the hilarious Keegan-Michael Key, who plays Toad. And next up, we got Donkey Kong, himself, Seth Rogen!

Hear what Rogen had to say about how he helped shape this version of the character, and the endearing legacy of the original king of all video game apes, all right here:

You can hear more of Rogen’s Donkey Kong when The Super Mario Bros. Movie hits theaters, this Wednesday, April 5!

And stay tuned to The Nerds of Color tomorrow for our upcoming interview with Mario and Luigi themselves, Chris Pratt and Charlie Day!