Sony Pictures Reveals Official Trailer for ‘Uncharted’

The first real look at Columbia and Sony Pictures’ Uncharted is finally here. The film adaptation (or prequel in this instance) of the hit PlayStation franchise starring Tom Holland, Sophia Taylor Ali, Antonio Banderas, and Mark Wahlberg showed off an action-packed adventure with its official trailer reveal.

While the film’s narrative seeks to establish an origin story for Nathan Drake (played by Holland), many of the set pieces showcased in the trailer highlight the same action found in the Uncharted game series, with fans pointing out similar sequences from various titles in the franchise.

The official title image (Credit: Sony/PlayStation/Columbia Pictures)

The film saw pre-production momentarily halted last summer due to the COVID-19 pandemic, with Banderas taking a leave after testing positive for the virus last August. After Banderas recovered from the virus, production made the necessary preparations to continue filming and carried out doing so in parts of Spain.

Uncharted Movie Trailer Shows Tom Holland In Game Accurate Action Scenes
Our thoughts exactly, Tom (Credit: Sony/PlayStation/Columbia Pictures)

Uncharted is officially set to release February 18, 2022, with plans to head to Netflix at an unspecified time afterward.