Sony Pictures Reveals Official Trailer for ‘Uncharted’

The first real look at Columbia and Sony Pictures’ Uncharted is finally here. The film adaptation (or prequel in this instance) of the hit PlayStation franchise starring Tom Holland, Sophia Taylor Ali, Antonio Banderas, and Mark Wahlberg showed off an action-packed adventure with its official trailer reveal.

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‘Tales of Arise’ Review: Rising to the Occasion Never Felt So Good

I have spent most of my life playing Japanese role playing games. From the Final Fantasy series to the Shin Megami Tensei series, I have enjoyed several different JRPG titles from Japan. But one in particular was always hit or miss for me, and that was the Tales series. I bounced off of Abyss and Beseria, never owned a Gamecube to play Symphonia, finished Vesperia and liked it, but never felt the pull of replaying it. So to say that Tales of Arise is one of the best JRPGs to date is an understatement. Tales of Arise captures what makes JRPGs timeless while evolving and creating a new vocabulary of play through its storytelling and combat that I hope other studios take note of. 

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Sony Introduces Lottery-Style Registration for a Chance to Buy a PS5 During the Holidays

Between the pandemic, online bots, scalpers, and increasing demand, the PlayStation 5 is soon to be a year from launch and still a challenge to get your hands on. Sony recently announced that, for the coming Holiday season, they will be holding a lottery-style registration event that will give consumers the chance to purchase one of the limited PS5 Consoles in stock directly from PlayStation.

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What the Hell is Going on With ‘Ghost Recon Frontline’

Last week, Ubisoft dropped the reveal trailer for its upcoming, 100-player battle royale title Ghost Recon Frontline. The trailer features gameplay footage and talking points from members of the Ubisoft Bucharest team, all of whom passionately speak on this project three years in the making. With games like Fortnite, Apex Legends, Call of Duty: Warzone, and PUBG having already established substantial footing in the BR genre, fans were vexed at the announcement, so much so that Ubisoft subsequently delayed Frontline’s first closed test indefinitely.

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Production Begins on HBO’s ‘The Last of Us’

I realize there’s been controversy from haters who disliked the second game. But to be quite frank, I’m not one of those people, and for my money Neil Druckman’s The Last of Us remains one of my favorite video games of all time! It is a beautiful story about humanity, love, loss, mistakes, regrets and redemption. The relationship between Joel and Ellie is one of the most beautiful human stories ever developed in any game.

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NOC Interview: Quintin Smith of People Make Games on “Roblox Exploitation”

Like many games finding a surge in popularity at the height of the pandemic, Roblox has amassed a following that could rival the likes of Fortnite with its appeal to younger audiences. However, after weeks of careful research, Quintin Smith, journalist and presenter at People Make Games, discovered that Roblox frequently, and unflinchingly, exploits young video game developers on its platform.

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‘12 Minutes’ Wasn’t Long Enough to Be Compelling

It has been four days, eight hours, fifty minutes and twenty-nine seconds since I played 12 Minutes and I’ve been perplexed as to how to write this review. Normally, this would be kind of a good thing. The moment of reflection that comes after seeing something that feels profound, provoking an introspection as to why it resonated so much doesn’t happen with 12 Minutes.

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Square Enix Reveals New Outfits for Black Panther in ‘War for Wakanda’

T’Challa’s influence as Black Panther can be traced back to his inception in 1966 and since then, he’s made countless appearances in film, television, animated series, and more. Some of his most iconic outfits and costumes come from the Silver and Bronze age of comic books, with memorable suits like the classic all black ensemble with gloves and boots to match featured in 1976’s Jungle Action (Vol. 2) #23.

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Summer Got You Down? These Upcoming Feel Good Video Games Will Lift Your Spirits

What if Tony Hawk was actually a bird? What kind of game choices would you make playing as a postwoman in the ‘80s? Could you use your emotions to help guide a quartet in a forest? The summer has been overwhelming for the most part for many of us — from mounting pandemic concerns, to even more polarizing political conversations, it’s easy to quickly find yourself doom-scrolling for hours into the night. Thankfully, video games like Skatebird and The Forest Quartet exist to help ease our minds out of the hubbub of the real world and into the vibes of a video game experience that really feels good.

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‘Mundaun’ is a Haunting First-Person Horror Game with a Dark Story

The first-person, single-player horror game Mundaun is out now for Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and PC platforms. It’s a hand-drawn tale of a grandson returning to his hometown for his grandfather’s funeral but upon arriving makes a grisly discovery.

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Sony’s July State of Play Live Updates

Sony’s State of Play goes live today at 2PM PT/ 5PM ET with “a nine-minute look at Deathloop’s time-twisted world,” as well as updates to indie and third-party titles. They’ve made it clear on their blog post that today’s presentation will not cover God of War, Horizon Forbidden West, or the next generation of PlayStation VR news. However, folks at PlayStation did say they’ll be sharing news in the future about highly-anticipated titles and more so stay tuned.

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‘Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut’ Set to Arrive in August

Sucker Punch announced today that Ghost of Tsushima, their Japanese masterpiece of an RPG, is getting a director’s cut release on both PS4 and PS5 August 20. Players will experience the brand new Iki Island and loads of additional content, new features, and some PS5 exclusive enchantments that will further elevate the critical hailed title.

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Blizzard Announces Afua Richardson Comic Covers and ‘Overwatch’ Rewards for Their 30th Anniversary

With the recent launch of Cross-Play for Overwatch across PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch, Blizzard Entertainment also announced that Ashe’s Deadlock Challenge is now live across all platforms. Additionally, if gamers play and watch Overwatch from June 22 to July 5, they have the opportunity to earn sweet rewards, including the new Legendary Ashe and B.O.B. Skin.

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After 25 Years and Zero Games Played, My Father Remains the Ultimate Gamer

The other day, my father noticed one of the PC games I was playing and was pretty stunned — not just at the graphics but the overall presentation of gaming today. Growing up, the computer in our home was mostly used for homework, school projects, and of course, Math Blaster. I don’t know that my father knows how deep the rabbit hole of PC gaming goes, or its history, but he remains one of the single most significant figures in introducing video games to me.

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‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Console Game Debuts, Prompts ‘Avengers’ Comparisons

Square Enix and Eidos Montreal showed off the first clips from a new Guardians of the Galaxy game for PS5/PS4/Xbox Series XJS/PC at their E3 showcase on Sunday. The preview included the reveal trailer, an extended Alpha-build gameplay clip, and information about the AAA superhero game’s launch date.

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Flight School Studio’s ‘Stonefly’ is a Must-Play Indie Game

This week, the folks at Flight School Studios and MWM Interactive released their indie mech title, Stonefly. The adventure game is a chill yet wholly beautifully exploration of legacy, resource gathering and mech building, as players follow Annika Stonefly in her search for her father’s stolen rig. After a late-night excursion, Annika mistakenly leaves the garage door storing the mech wide open, leaving it victim to a theft that launches our main character on her journey through dangerous and captivating flora and fauna.

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Brittney Morris’ ‘Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales – Wings of Fury’ Delivers

There could not be a better time to grab the companion novel to Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales than now. The game dropped on PS4 and PS5 November 12 to rave reviews, as the pop cultural significance of Miles Morales seems to be losing zero steam, and rightly so.

Author Brittney Morris (Slay, The Cost of Knowing and Together, Apart) packs a ton into the prequel novel — from Miles’ dealings with police outside of his uniform, to Peter having to grapple with being a mentor to a Spider-Man whose reality greatly differs from his own. Wings of Fury delivers a story both heartfelt and absolutely action-packed that leads directly into the start of the game on consoles.

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Why ‘Spider-Man: Miles Morales’ for PS5 Brings Me So Much Black Boy Joy

My first real experience as the famous web-slinger, in a purely polygonal sense, came in the year 2000, when my dad surprised me with a copy of Spider-Man for the original PlayStation. I couldn’t believe what I was experiencing, and the elation that came from donning original and secret costumes as our one and only friendly, neighborhood Spider-Man was something my little heart could hardly contain at the time.

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The Year of Spider-Mania

Superhero media is everywhere.

Four of the Top Five movies of 2018 are superhero films, with Black Panther, Infinity War, and The Incredibles 2 taking the top three slots. There are literally dozens of live action superhero shows on TV, cable, and streaming. The number goes up exponentially when you factor in animation. Despite this moment of superhero saturation, there is only one character who can claim the title for Most Ubiquitous of 2018. That would be Spider-Man!

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Stumbling Down Memory Lane with ‘Double Dragon IV’

The NES was my staple console for the majority of my childhood. While I did not have many games at my disposal, games like Double Dragon and Double Dragon II were titles that I played just about every day on my own and with friends. I still consider Double Dragon II to be one of my favorite NES games and it influenced my tastes in games I play today. To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the series’ creation, Arc System Works recruited many of the original crew that made the original game to make a brand new sequel in the form of the 8-bit games I cherished as a child. When hearing about this news, I was excited and skeptical at the same time. The nostalgia side of me wanted it but would it be enough to maintain my interest in the current era of video games?

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