Talking about Toad with Keegan-Michael Key of ‘The Super Mario Bros. Movie’

I’m not going to lie, Toad is my favorite character from the Mario franchise. He’s small, scrappy, courageous. And he’s literally the fastest accelerator in Mario Kart, which gives me the upper hand (I’m cheap like that). So it was exciting to hear that not only would he have a prominent role in The Super Mario Bros. Movie, but also the talented voice behind him, Keegan-Michael Key, completely nailed the Toad voice!

It was a complete honor for us to sit down with the cast of The Super Mario Bros. Movie, including Key himself! And we were able to chat about Mario Kart, Key’s “Toad voice,” and his impact on the over-40 year legacy of the franchise!

Take a look right here:

We have more interviews coming this week from The Super Mario Bros. Movie! Stay tuned for conversations with Seth Rogan, and of course the Mario Bros. themselves, Chris Pratt and Charlie Day!

The Super Mario Bros. Movie hits theaters this Wednesday, April 5!