Ali Wong is the ‘Don Wong’ in New Netflix Comedy Special

Get your animal print ready for next Halloween! Comedian Ali Wong is back for her third comedy special on Netflix! After her first two specials — Ali Wong: Baby Cobra and Ali Wong: Hard Knock Wife, it’s about time Wong wore a title fitting of her ascension in Hollywood — the Don Wong.

Premiering on Valentine’s Day, Wong reveals her wildest fantasies, the challenges of monogamy, and how she really feels about single people. For those of you who are aware of Wong’s comedy style, you know she’s going to be blunt and may mention some lady parts — which we support 100%.

Directed by Nahnatchka Khan, Wong filmed the special at The Count Basie Theater in New Jersey in November, 2021. Wong serves as executive producer alongside Ravi Nandan, Inman Young, Alli Reich, and Corey Deckler for A24. Wong can also be seen in Netflix’s Always Be My Maybe and the upcoming series Beef. Wong also lends her voice to Netflix’s Ask the StoryBots, Ada Twist, Scientist, and Emmy winning adult animated comedy Big Mouth

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