The Middle Geeks Episode 40: ‘Ms. Marvel’ Episodes 3-4 Review

We discuss episodes 1-2 of the new MCU Disney+ series Ms. Marvel, joined by Nerdist contributor Maryam Ahmad!

Ms. Marvel is ramping up in its plot, and we’re joined by writer and longtime Ms. Marvel fan Maryam Ahmad to discuss episodes 3-4. How good is the series doing at portraying Pakistani, South Asian, and Muslim cultures? How good are the family scenes? What do we think of the villains and the constant twists and turns with them and Kamala’s powers? Why was the wedding so amazing? What do we think the show could do better at this point with only two episodes left? We also give our recommendations and much more in this wide ranging conversation.

Spoilers for the episodes 3 and 4 of Ms. Marvel throughout.

Check out Maryam’s coverage of Ms. Marvel and other topics for Nerdist here!

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