The Middle Geeks Episode 41: ‘Ms. Marvel’ Episodes 5-6 and Season Review

We discuss episodes 3-4 of the Disney+ series Ms. Marvel, joined by cosplayer Isa and Maznah of Den of Geek!

Isa and Maznah join us to discuss the final two episodes and the entire first season of the MCU’s Ms. Marvel. How well did the show do at portraying Kamala’s family, culture, and religion? What do we think of the Clandestines and the overall handling of them in the show? What do we make of *that* twist at the end, and what it means for Kamala Khan going forward in the MCU? We discuss all that and more in our wide-ranging discussion of the entire show, give our recommendations, and much more!

Spoilers for all of Ms. Marvel Season 1 throughout.

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