‘Batman: The Audio Adventures’ Season 2 Coming to HBO Max

Regardless of the state of affairs regarding the Warner Bros. Discovery/HBO Max situation, the one thing you can always count on: You just can’t stop Batman. This week, HBO Max announced the return of their acclaimed podcast Batman: The Audio Adventures.

HBO Max has released a trailer for the upcoming release which you can view here:

Featuring the voices of Jeffrey Wright as the Caped Crusader, as well as Seth Meyers, Chris Parnell, Rosario Dawson, Bobby Moynihan, John Leguizamo, and more, Batman: The Audio Adventures promises to bring the thrilling, fantastical, and sometimes comical stories of Gotham City’s Dark Knight to life in a whole new way. 

In addition to the neat trailer, HBO Max has also debuted this stunningly gorgeous poster as well.

Season 2 of Batman: The Audio Adventures will debut on HBO Max on October 7. But if you’re in New York on that day, you’ll be able to catch director Dennis McNicholas and cast members Jeffrey Wright and Bobby Moynihan will make an appearance at New York Comic-Con that same day!