‘Zootopia+’ Cast and Crew on Revisiting Menagerie City

Disney+ is all about nostalgia. While it is a streaming service where you can see some of your favorite Disney classics, it is also a place that serves as a home for some new content, some of which is an updated play on your favorite films like Zootopia. And in Zootopia+, audiences hope and crawl their way back into that cute and cuddly city where predators and prey happily co-exist.

But rather than just follow it up as a sequel series, Zootopia+ is a series of shorts that take place in between the events of the actual film. However, you may be surprised to find that it also has a different take on telling those stories, as each episode explores a different genre or has a completely different tone altogether.

The Nerds of Color had the chance to talk to Bonnie Hunt and Don Lake about reprising their roles as Bonnie and Stu Hopps, the parents of Judy Hopps. We also had the chance to talk to director Josie Trinidad (Co-Head of Story, Zootopia; Head of Story, Ralph Breaks the Internet) and Trent Correy (Director, Once Upon a Snowman and Drop), and producer Nathan Curtis about pitching a Zootopia sequel as a series of shorts, the opening credits, and more.

All episodes of Zootopia+ drop on Disney+ on November 9, 2022