‘Zootopia+’ Cast and Crew on Revisiting Menagerie City

Disney+ is all about nostalgia. While it is a streaming service where you can see some of your favorite Disney classics, it is also a place that serves as a home for some new content, some of which is an updated play on your favorite films like Zootopia. And in Zootopia+, audiences hope and crawl their way back into that cute and cuddly city where predators and prey happily co-exist.

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Disney Animation Immersive Experience Launches this December

Walt Disney Studios Animation and Lighthouse Immersive Studios — the same production company behind the Immersive Van Gogh experience, among other light-projected shows — have announced that they would be teaming up to launch the Disney Animation Immersive Experience.

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Through the Looking Glass of Zootopia


Nothing screams a happy children’s film more than adorably animated fluffy animals, bright vivid colors, and the powerhouse “Disney” emblazoned all over it. Filled to the brim with an elaborately built world that definitely needs more than one viewing to take in — including a training sequence reminiscent of Mulan’s and pop culture references (the nod to Breaking Bad will solicit a smile even from the biggest curmudgeon), Zootopia has everything an audience expects and more. But it is far more than adults these days will credit an animated “children’s” movie to be.

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