New Trailer for ‘Plane’ Lands Online

It’s certainly the magical post-Christmas time of year where only the best tongue-in-cheek, high concept movies arrive in theaters. In addition to getting the trailer for Evil Dead Rise today and dropping our review for M3GAN, the fun continues with the new trailer for Plane starring Gerard Butler, Mike Colter, Yoson An, Daniella Pineda, and Remi Adeleke.

Plane is a good old fashioned action-romp in the grand tradition of Butler’s other camp masterpieces like Greenland, Geostorm, and the Olympus Has Fallen trilogy. Only this time, he stars as a pilot that, after saving an entire commercial flight of passengers from a crash landing, has to save them from a group of hostile rebels who have taken everyone hostage in the war torn nation they’ve landed on. He must team up with a accused murderer, played by Luke Cage himself, Mike Colter, to save them all.

Check out the trailer here:

Like with all Butler’s movies, this looks like solid silly fun of the “Liam Neeson” variety. Will it be an Oscar contender? Never. But can we always count on Butler to make any movie ridiculously campy and entertaining? Absolutely! I recall audience members even laughing at the film’s obvious title during the trailer before showings of Avatar: The Way of Water. This movie obviously knows what it is and leans into it, and I totally dig that!

Plane hits theaters January 13!