The ‘Evil Dead Rise’ with a New Trailer and Poster

The Deadites are coming back! We now have an official trailer and poster for Evil Dead Rise. And for the second reboot of this classic film series, Raimi is passing down the Necronomicon over to director Lee Cronin. And the results look sickly terrifying!

Though said to be set in the same continuity and universe as Sam Raimi’s original trilogy and underrated series Ash vs Evil Dead, Evil Dead Rise seems to be a self contained film, following a family’s story of survival in their apartment after their mother has been possessed! Check out the trailer right here:

The most shocking thing about this movie, other than how truly and utterly horrifying it looks, is the fact that this was supposed to go directly to streaming on HBO Max. But the studio had so much more confidence in it, they decided to promote this one to a theatrical release.

Here’s the new poster for the film as well:

As a long time fan of this franchise (it’s my favorite horror franchise of all time), I simply cannot wait any longer to see this insane movie!

Evil Dead Rise hits theaters April 21!

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