New Funko ‘Indiana Jones’ Games Uncover Fortune and Glory

When I was a kid, and I saw Indiana Jones swinging across the screen with his bullwhip, wearing a fedora, and punching the bad guys, I knew early on that this was the coolest movie protagonist in the history of cinema. Who didn’t want to be him, right? And thanks to Funko, now you can live that dream! With their new lineup of table top games for you to uncover!

Just on the heels of the release of the latest trailer for Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny, we were fortunate enough to be invited by the Pop makers to their HQ in Los Angeles, California, where they treated us to a scavenger hunt and a preview of the games themselves. Take a look at our exclusive gallery of the event and the games below!

The scavenger hunt took us all around Funko HQ to uncover answers based on clues, while along the way, learning about each of the new games coming from the company.

There are a total of four games Funko is unveiling. And all of them are unique and fun! Here’s a quick breakdown of what to expect from each game!

Indiana Jones: Cryptic: This was arguably the coolest looking of the games. Complete with several artifacts and a replica of Indy’s journal, Cryptic is an interactive, puzzle-escape room game. It requires the player to use Indy’s journal to decipher ancient texts, uncover valuable clues, and defeat unknown evils with logic, deduction, and creative thinking. It can be played with a single player or a group. And allows the player to relive scenes from the first 3 movies in the franchise. (Releases April 10)

Indiana Jones: Sands of Adventure: A family fun “Mousetrap-esque” game that allows players a tense race against the clock to beat various villains from the Raiders rogues gallery. Players can choose to play as Indy, Marion, Brody, or Sallah. Each character has their own unique skills, and using dice, cards, and a fun timer, players can team up to protect the Ark of the Covenant from all the evil doers that seek to use its power to conquer the world. (Releases June 18)

Indiana Jones: Throw Me the Idol: Part Indy Adventure, part dodgeball! Throw Me the Idol is a fun party game that allows players a more tangible experience, allowing them to progress through a series of physical challenges involving a blindfold, a whip, a bag of sand, a fertility idol, and creepy tarantulas! I promise this is a family game and nothing for mature audiences. (Releases April 10)

Something Wild! Indiana Jones: A fun, fast-paced Uno-style card game, that allows for hours of fun at home or on the go! Players compete to get power ups by matching character cards or number and color sequences, moving as quickly as possible to stay one step ahead of their competitors! (Releases April 10)

You can grab all of these games and more on game store shelves starting April 10 and June 18!

Don’t forget to catch Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny coming to theaters June 30!

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