SDCC 2023: ‘Kalki 2898’ aka ‘Project K’ Lights Up Hall H

Move over Marvel Studios! There’s a new juggernaut taking over Hall H this year! For the longest time Vyjayanthi Movies has teased a mysterious new film that they’ve codenamed “Project K.” And today, they shattered con-goer expectations by revealing all details about the film: now known as the upcoming sci-fi epic — Kalki 2898!

The panel started out with the caption “This is the beginning of the end.” It segued into a wonderful performance with several percussionists and dancers with candles literally lighting up the hall setting up a mood that established the futuristic setting of the film. The performance ended with a screen welcoming everyone to the year 2898, while enforcers from the film patrolled the hall.

The panel consisted of several superstars from Indian Cinema including Prabhas, Kamal Haasan, producer C. Aswani Dutt, producer Rana Daggubati, and director Nag Ashwin, with star Amitabh Bachchan joining in via Zoom. The affair was a historic moment for Hall H as Kalki 2898 represents the first Indian film represented in the legendary venue. And such a moment allowed the cast and crew of the film to discuss the global impact of Indian cinema and what it means to all of them.

“For us to be here,” started Ashwin, “I just think we’re on the shoulders of all of this mythology, 100 years of cinema, actors, great movies… and finally we’re able to get great Indian mythology here… here you guys love superheroes. You have superheroes who can fly into space. We have Hanuman who can eat the sun!… I’m very interested for the world to meet India.”

“What makes Indian cinema so great for us,” began Hassan, “Is the energy that our audience brings to our cinema. We make the story, they make the stars…when you sit with an audience like this, and watch Amitabh perform, watch Prabhas perform, Rana…we are very honored to live in this energy and with this energy.”

The crew debuted the first spectacular trailer for the film which you can see here:

The huge event trailer was played twice to thunderous applause.

To quote Ashwin, we can’t wait for the world to meet India.