SDCC 2023: ‘Kalki 2898’ aka ‘Project K’ Lights Up Hall H

Move over Marvel Studios! There’s a new juggernaut taking over Hall H this year! For the longest time Vyjayanthi Movies has teased a mysterious new film that they’ve codenamed “Project K.” And today, they shattered con-goer expectations by revealing all details about the film: now known as the upcoming sci-fi epic — Kalki 2898!

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‘Project-K’ Headed to Hall H at SDCC 2023

Hall H at San Diego Comic-Con, typically the main event for the annual show, is looking to be like a lighter affair this year. With several major studios dropping out due to the current WGA strike and a potential SAG-AFTRA strike, big budget movies aren’t getting a lot of representation at the convention this year. But in some ways, that opens up the door for international films to really shine! And such is the case with the upcoming Indian blockbuster, Project K.

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The Stars of ‘Brahmāstra’ and Their Impact on Indian Culture

Brahmāstra: Part One — Shiva is set to break records as one of India’s most expensive and most spectacular films this summer. Written and directed by Ayan Mukerji, Brahmāstra tells the story of Shiva, an orphan with pyrokinetic powers who discovers he’s an ‘astra’ — a weapon of powerful energy. The film — which is set to be a trilogy — draws inspiration from Hindu mythology.

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Freida Pinto is Ready to be Queen in Disney Junior’s ‘Mira, Royal Detective’

It’s extremely hard to look directly into the eyes of Freida Pinto without blushing.

When I first entered the press room where Pinto was prepping for the premiere of Disney Junior’s latest animated series, Mira, Royal Detective, I couldn’t help but compliment her on her beauty, successful career, and her work for empowering women. Named by Vanity Fair as one of the most beautiful women in the world, Pinto humbly laughed off the compliments aimed at her and got serious when we began talking about her role as Disney royalty in the new series.

“I keep forgetting it’s a Disney Queen,” laughs Pinto. “It’s not just a Disney character.”

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Let’s Talk About Romani Characters in Comics

By now the events of Peter David’s NYCC anti-Romani rant is all wrapped up, with David writing a series of personal blog posts including an apology to the Romani community. Whether the Romani community — and the Romani activist involved in the incident, along with fans who were both at the panel and have seen the video — forgive David is a separate issue. Rather than focus on the merits of an apology, the opportunity presents itself to instead focus on the actual issue of lack of Romani representation in our media.

To first understand why the lack of Romani representation is an important issue, we have to understand who the Romani people are. For many — including myself — because of this overall lack of representation, there comes an overall prevalence of ignorance regarding who the Romani people are, what their struggles are, and what their actual culture is.

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Dear Marvel, Thank You

by Preeti Chhibber | Originally posted at Panels

Last week’s issue of Amazing Spider-Man (#13) had a series of panels, an aside really, that struck me.

First, a quick backstory on the current Spider Verse event happening in Amazing Spider-Man (and a ton of other series, Spider-Woman, Scarlet Spiders, etc.). All the Spider-Men (and Women!) from various Marvel universes have come together to fight their greatest foes, the Inheritors.

Enter Pavitr Prabhakar. Pavitr is an Indian Spider-Man. He had a short-lived series that ran from 2004–2005, and it’s okay. Some of the “Indian-ness” of it was a little heavy handed, but over all I appreciated that it existed and the effort Marvel put in for cultural representation. He pops up again as one of the first recruits that Super Spider-Man picks to start fighting against the Inheritors.

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