Paramount+’s ‘Love in Taipei’ Trailer Will Give You the Feels

Paramount+ has officially released the trailer and key art for the all-new YA film Love in Taipei.

Based on the New York Times’ bestseller Loveboat, Taipei by Abigail Hing Wen, a Taiwanese American women, Ever (Ashley Liao), is sent by her parents to a cultural immersion program in Taipei — inspired by an actual program attended by Chinese and Taiwanese diaspora youth — where she discovers herself and, maybe, find a little love while at it.

Like most kids in the Asian diaspora, Ever felt the pressure from her parents to do well in school and work in a profession that she didn’t want for herself (her true passion is dance). With the cultural immersion program in Taipei, Ever learns that the students call the program “Loveboat” because, instead of learning all summer, they have fun with their fellow students and the locals. She eventually finds herself between two attractive but wildly different boys — jock and child prodigy Rick (Ross Butler) and free-spirited artist Xavier (Nico Hiraga).

Directed by Arvin Chen (Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?), the cast includes Chelsea Zhang as Ever’s new friend Sophie and Cindy Cheung as Ever’s Aunt Shu.

Love In Taipei premieres on August 10 on Paramount+.