Getting a Little Looney with the Cast and Producer of ‘Tiny Toons Looniversity’

They’re tiny. They’re toony. They’re all a little looney! And they’re now back on Max to make your days a little brighter! That’s right folks, the Tiny Toons are back in Tiny Toons Looniversity!

The new series on Max serves as a remake of the original, taking the characters we all know and love and reinventing them in new and exciting ways. And we got the inside scoop from the cast and producer of this charming new reboot!

Growing up as a ’90s kid, my weekday afternoons and Saturday mornings were filled with the sounds and laughs of Buster and Babs Bunny, Plucky Duck, Hampton J. Pig, Sweetie Bird and a host of wonderful characters who were unique counterparts to the classic Looney Tunes characters. But Tiny Toons evolved into something more! It was a smart kids show that found its way to lampoon the best and funniest of pop culture with jokes that treated their kids maturely but made them cry tears of laughter with every brilliantly staged gag. So to bring back these iconic characters in new and different ways raised eyebrows for those nostalgic for the original. But thankfully Tiny Toons Looniversity does a good job upholding the spirit of wackiness and cleverness we got from the original series.

Thus it was an honor to sit down with cast members Eric Bauza (Buster Bunny), Tessa Netting (Sweetie Bird), and David Errigo Jr. (Hampton J. Pig/Plucky Duck), and producer/co-showrunner Nate Cash to discuss the fresh direction. Here’s what they had to say!

Tiny Toons Looniversity is now streaming only on Max!

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