Understanding ‘The Irrational’ with Creator/Showrunner Arika Lisanne Mittman

The NBC Fall Line Up has officially kicked off. And three weeks into its run, one of the anticipated procedurals of the fall, The Irrational has seen steady ratings growth week to week, on top of strong numbers. And it makes sense why. With a really intriguing premise, and a deep dive into behavioral psychology, plus the sharp writing of creator, writer, showrunner, and executive producer Arika Lisanne Mittman, the show continues to thrive under the charisma and charm of its lead Jesse L. Martin (The Flash). Recently we were given the opportunity to chat with Mittman about the show, its origins, Martin’s involvement, and why it’s going to be NBC’s newest hit of the Fall.

The Irrational tells the story of behavioral psychologist and professor Alec Mercer (Martin), who uses his expertise at breaking down what’s going on within the human psyche to aid in high-stakes cases for the police, including murders, mysteries, and thrilling puzzles week to week. Mittman developed the show based on non-fiction psychology book Predictably Irrational, by author Dan Ariely. And while a psychology book may seem like an unorthodox source to base a procedural mystery drama on, the marriage of the two couldn’t blend together more beautifully.

Here’s what Mittman had to say about the creation of the show, and more!

The Irrational airs every Monday at 10pm on NBC and also streams the next day on Peacock!