New Trailer for ‘Monarch’ Unleashes the Legacy of the MonsterVerse

The MonsterVerse is expanding! Perhaps one of the only good cinematic universe clones to come out of the age of MCU knock-offs has been Legendary’s MonsterVerse.

Starting with Gareth Edward’s Godzilla in 2014, the franchise has managed to stay afloat with solid entries like Kong: Skull Island, Godzilla: King of the Monsters, and 2021’s Godzilla Vs. Kong; all of which I’ve frankly really enjoyed! Well get ready to find out the legacy behind the monsters, as the latest installment in the franchise, the new Apple TV+ series, Monarch: Legacy of Monsters comes to streaming later this year!

That’s right! The shadowy organization behind the investigation and policing of the titans is getting its own series. Much like S.H.I.E.L.D. in the MCU, Monarch has been present in every single one of the MonsterVerse installments, acting as conduits between the titans themselves — aiding them in most stories — and protection of humanity. And the new series is going to dive into the secrets and mysteries of this monster-tracking group.

Today at New York Comic Con, Apple and Legendary dropped the first trailer for the new series, introducing some of its key characters, along with showing us small (and sometimes titanic) glimpses of some of the characters we’ve met before in these films, further tying the stories together. Thankfully they have unveiled the trailer for all of us to enjoy, which you can now see below:

In addition to the trailer, Apple and Legendary have revealed the official key art for the new series, which you can check out here:

The legacy will be unveiled when Monarch: Legacy of Monsters drops on Apple TV+, Friday, November 17, 2023!