Meeting the Masterminds Behind ‘Monarch: Legacy of Monsters’

For decades, the legend and sounds of Godzilla have remained iconic. But less known about the mythology (at least in the latest iteration of Legendary’s MonsterVerse) are the shadowy figures that monitor Godzilla and other titans across the planet: the organization Monarch! Now, with Monarch: Legacy of Monsters debuting on Apple TV+ this Friday, November 17, the world of monsters will finally be brought into the light. And to celebrate, we were able to sit down with the showrunners and creators Matt Fraction and Chris Black, as well as director Matt Shakman, and producer Sean Konrad, to discuss the journey of bringing the MonsterVerse to streaming.

For me, this was a huge deal, because I’ve been a follower and fan of Fraction for a long time, going back to his work on comics like Hawkeye. And additionally, Shakman’s work in WandaVision was inspired, but what he does with Monarch has certifiably convinced me he’s going to knock Fantastic Four out of the park. Combined with the talented forces of Black and Konrad, this team has done the impossible: made human characters within the MonsterVerse as incredibly compelling as the kaiju!

Here’s what they had to say about Monarch: Legacy of Monsters!

Monarch: Legacy of Monsters roars onto Apple TV+, this Friday, November 17!

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